A Short Guide to Insurance Transcription

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 21st October 2022

Fraud is one of the challenges that every insurance provider has to deal with. An insurance company can lose millions in fraudulent claims if it is not careful. Therefore, detecting fraudulent activities or claims is essential to avoid losses. The best way to do that is by reviewing recordings of statements. 

However, replaying video or audio files over and over again can get tedious. To make the job easier, you can hire transcription experts to convert your files into a text format. The transcripts you receive will play a major role in helping you identify and deal with fraudulent claims. 

What You Should Know About Insurance Transcription 

Transcribed recorded statements help adjusters save time when handling cases. Typically, an adjuster will have to listen to a recorded file when reviewing a case. This process can be pretty hectic. To clearly understand audio, an adjuster must constantly pause, rewind, or forward the file to get the necessary information. However, when the files are transcribed, it makes it for adjusters to get the data they need. Want to learn more about insurance transcription? This simple guide is all you need. 

What Is Insurance Transcription? 

The insurance sector is complex. Much work goes into the documentation process in insurance companies. And this is why many insurance providers are turning to transcription professionals to speed up the claims and recovery processes. 

Insurance transcription is the act of converting recorded audio or video. Transcripts are helpful while filing insurance claims. Since many insurance companies operate in a call center environment, recorded calls get stored as audio files and transcribed later. 

Why Does Insurance Transcription Matter? 

There is a lot of work when it comes to insurance claims. And one way to simplify the documentation process is through insurance transcription. For example, an investigator typically records the interviews of motor accident victims. 

Insurance providers can transcribe the interviews to get valuable information. Professional transcribers do this effectively since they have enough experience in insurance compensations and claims. Accurate transcripts enable insurance companies to determine whether the claim is valid or if further investigation is necessary. 

Likewise, the insurance company may interview the claimant and witnesses. Writing their responses will take up a lot of time and effort. Using audio recordings is the most productive way to do this, which reliable insurance transcription services can later transcribe. An insurance company can make informed decisions when they have more information at hand.  

Use Cases of Insurance Transcription 

The insurance industry can benefit from transcription services in various ways. They include:  

  • Preparation of arbitration files  

Having transcripts of recorded statements for settlement files is beneficial. Transcribed files can come in handy and might help your company win a case.  

  • Fraud identification  

Transcribed files can help insurance providers detect fraud activities. They can help adjusters identify any instance of wrongdoing. With transcripts, adjusters can compare all statements and identify any discrepancies. In court, the transcript can be used as evidence to minimize losses and prevent future fraud.  

  • Simplified transfer of files between departments  

Insurance claims are usually shared between adjusters and other departments. One team can disseminate information to another seamlessly with accurate digital transcripts.  

  • Time savings for adjusters  

Transcribed files can help adjusters save time. They use the transcripts to refer to facts and gain a clear understanding of a case. 

Why You Should Use Professional Insurance Transcription Services 

Of course, insurance claims and compensations are sensitive matters. Therefore, you should not hire unreliable transcribing services just because they are cheap. 

An insurance claim documentation is legally binding. So, to avoid any error that could affect the claim process, hiring a professional transcription provider is a good move. Insurance providers should only trust transcription services with a good track record. 

In addition, data confidentiality and security are two other reasons you should consider using trustworthy services. Only share your files with a transcription service provider that provides privacy and implements nondisclosure agreements. This way, personal information and other sensitive credentials will remain safe at all times. 


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