Advantages of Using Conversational Artificial Intelligence Software for Business Growth

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 7th October 2020

As a manager, it’s impossible to be on every call with customers However, you can use conversational artificial intelligence to analyze and improve customer-facing conversations. 

What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational Intelligence is Artificial Intelligence technology applied to customer conversations. Conversation Intelligence software records, transcribes, and analyzes conversations and delivers insights into what works . It helps to understand the message that is being said and where possible provide an appropriate response. 

Also kn0wn as call recording software, Conversation Intelligence can take your customer-facing conversations to the next level. 

While spending hours going through audio recordings just to gain insight on different themes that customers want you to cover can be overwhelming, Conversation intelligence software makes it possible for you to come up with specific ways of enhancing sales performance. Artificial Intelligence enhances sales by delivering insights into your team’s areas of improvement, your deals, and your market based on the content of real-life sales calls. 

This software makes intelligent analysis of conversations between your reps and clients then sends suggestions that can guide the conversations efficiently. They also help sales managers and customers support teams gain insights into customers’ situations leading to better efficiency. 

What are the Advantages of Using Conversational Artificial Intelligence Software?

Here are the benefits of investing in conversational intelligence software:

  • Provides the opportunity to duplicate best practices

The ability to record, transcribe and analyze conversations makes it possible to identify the best performers in your team and also observe behavioural patterns. Conversational intelligence makes it possible for you to identify best practices as you’re able to do a quick comparison and analysis of what the best and not so good performers are doing. 

Conversational intelligence allows you to identify best practices that you can add to your training material for both current and new reps. Eventually, this ensures that reps can hit their quota in good time as they are all acquainted with the winning ways. Conversational intelligence also helps managers to identify training opportunities for their team members. 

  • Helps team members to hold meaningful conversations and win more business

Having the best sales people on your team alone is not enough. You need to make sure that they’re having intelligent conversations that translate to more business. Moreover, they also need to convert these intelligent interactions into excellent service that not only wins customers but also guarantees repeat business. 

The speech-to-text transcription feature provides access to important call analytics that sales reps and managers can leverage to take the sales experience to another level.

  • Conversational intelligence helps to weed out unproductive strategies

Conversation intelligence lets you identify what a certain team member is lacking and the training they need. But how do you enforce the best practices after building the capacity of your team members by a series of training sessions?

Conversation intelligence helps you identify what needs to be improved but it doesn’t end here. This platform continuously analyzes call performance making the process of accountability easy by helping team players develop business-like behaviour patterns. With regular intelligent tips and repeated best practice, team managers will soon realize that team members will begin to shake off their old inefficient strategies. 

  • Conversation Intelligence encourages peer-to-peer feedback

When team members can review their conversations, it promotes peer-to-peer feedback as the best performers can provide feedback and insight for those that are not doing so well. Over time this promotes healthy competition among team members with the result being significant growth in sales and enhanced customer experience. 

  • Conversation Intelligence makes the training process easier and engaging

Conversation Intelligence provides a point of reference that you can use when conducting training and coaching sessions for your team members. The advantage of this is that team members can easily relate to various scenarios that would have happened and they can see why it is or it is not the best approach to use. This way, the training process is not only easier but also engaging. 

Conversational Intelligence software is a great tool that helps to utilize important information among team members, help managers achieve training goals and ultimately improve sales and service performance. This platform has an edge as you can understand the heart of your customers and the features of your product that you need to improve. 

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