Affordable CRM software

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 23rd April 2021

For companies with a small budget or those that want to save money, free or low cost crm solutions are great. Such systems include a whole range of functions that a modern business needs. Small companies that want to advance to the next level must find an affordable tool, and it is not necessary to start using an expensive platform. You can manage customer information, track sales, and enjoy other features with a free or a low-cost CRM system. Such programs will provide invaluable support for small companies.

Defining Affordable Software

Affordable systems mean solving problems for free or at a reasonable cost. However, such products often consist of an incomplete version that offers basic functionality:

• customer base management;

• visualization of the conveyor;

•    emails management.

As a rule, inexpensive systems offer much less features than their paid counterparts. However, you should not immediately discard this option, because it is great for learning more about how such platforms work.

More often than not, the free products that CRM vendors offer are part of their flagship systems. The affordable version may have limits for storing information and a small number of users. In the future, you can purchase a paid platform, which will unlock these features and significantly expand the opportunities of the program.

Quick overview of free CRM platforms

To choose the right CRM, you should study the brief overview of all available options:

1.       Mailchimp offers a variety of marketing channels and can be automated with one click. The system reveals basic templates using an email address, as well as many other additional features. Its users can tag up to 2000 clients, while information about them is stored in an individual profile.

2.       A free system like HubSpot is perfect for selling and attracting consumers. Access to this product at any stage doesn’t require any investment. You can store many contacts here (up to a million). With the help of the platform, it will be possible not only to track email addresses but also to conduct analysis, manage customers, find potential clients using social media, and more.

3.       Freshsales has a lot of users, because this CRM has many advantages in sales management, and a phone is enough to work in this program. The system has no restrictions on the storage of contacts, and the efficient support service is another advantage of the product.

4.       The free version of Agile CRM is available only for 10 users who can manage the platform simultaneously. It also offers a number of additional features, including future customers analysis, email tracking, and more.

5.   Try using Insightly to build relationships with your audience. With the free version, you can easily manage your contacts. This program has mobile version. While using the app, you will be able to scan business cards, update projects, and even manage sales.

These platforms also offer additional paid services for businesses with a small budget. The cost of such packages is acceptable, while the range of services provided is significantly expanded.

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