Afiniti,behavioral pairing startup, has raised $130M Series D fund at a $1.6B Valuation

by anne jane in News on 24th October 2018

Afiniti, a company which provides artificial intelligence(AI) solution to the big data companies and pair customers with employees. It provides EBP, Enterprise Behavioral pairing a resolution which uses AI for identifying essential patterns of human interaction. It changes the way humans interact by using AI and predict, patterns, discover and affect the interpersonal behavior. It uses different databases which connect inherent customers with call center agents based on related features or past success rates with particular demographics.
Zia Chishti founded the company in 2006 which is a subsidiary of TRG Holdings, LLC. The company is primarily known as SATMAP but changed its name to Afiniti in 2016.  Its headquarters is in Washington, with its other offices being spread to different parts of the country. In 2016 the company raised for an IPO. It raised another $80M in 2017, which was valued at $1.6B. Recently it was featured on a Forbes list of exits.

Recent Funding in Series D

Afiniti, that applies behavioral science with machine learning to match service agents with customers. It has raised a $130M round of funding in Series D on Oct 23. Now, the company is valued at $1.6 billion according to its CEO Zia Chisti. Series D is the fourth round of Venture capital funding, being A, B, C the other three capital funding. From 2012 Afiniti has raised different types of Venture capital with differing amounts, and on Oct 2015 it has raised $15M of debt financing. After all its funding activities, it is now planning for IPO as its next move.
Afiniti has never paid an effort to publicize itself, because the funding has raised till now has mostly been from outside venture capital fundings. This drove around other startups which push them into the limelight.

Funding in series C

The previous funding in series C which was on July 2014 at around $26.5M, also has a spectacular list of followers who are also not mostly reported. They include Elisabeth Murdoch, McKinsey & company, former BP CEO John Browne, former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, besides Seidenberg and Ryan, The Resource Group, and Global Asset Management. After Series C funding, the valuation of Afiniti also increased by 10 times in the previous year and gained 100 percent growth in revenue each year from the last five years.

How Affinity work

Afiniti EBP predicts and identifies patterns of human behavior to pair agents with customers. With more than 100 patents, Afiniti’s technology analyzes the data and make available information which is tied to customer identity. This determines the pattern of strong behavioral interactions and applies these models in real time to drive changes in health, customer satisfaction, and enterprise profitability.
Afiniti starts its process with a unique identification number and caller ID. After calling or contacting the business through email, chat or any other medium. After which  Afiniti uses these indicators to begin its data-chaining method by using pre-determined resources, which includes CRM data or call history for the caller. Using the data, Afiniti uses specialized techniques to recognize the behavioral patterns in customer interactions which leads to success. After discovering the most favorable pairing, Afiniti assigns a pair on that basis. To all the process, to work out, Afiniti uses AI(Artificial intelligence).

Where does it Work

Afiniti’s technologies have been performing in different sectors, applications, and geographies. Artificial Intelligence has helped their clients in banking, utility, travel, telecommunications, healthcare, hospitality, insurance. Besides industries with consumer-facing services. Besides, it conducts sessions in universities for new and existing clients by explaining them the functionalities of AI.
Geographically they have their paired sectors in the US, Pakistan,  Senegal, Nicaragua, Jamaica, India, Australia, Brazil, Philippines among others. Afiniti has proven records and measurable developments in key business production indicators such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, collections, sales, and patient health.


Afiniti does not price for its service as per-month or even per-seat, but there is a calculation between how well the company performs.


After Series C which has made its increment and earned well, Afiniti has raised its Series D venture capital funding. Now, it is also planning to enter into IPO which is its significant step. Beyond its locations and products, this company has many patents and more in the application phase. Having said that, It is a fast growing company which is making a huge success with its AI solutions.


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