AIRTABLE, Cloud Collaboration Service raises $100M

by megan jones in News on 20th November 2018

Airtable – A Cloud collaboration service was founded in September 2012 by Andrew Ofstand, Emmett Nicholas and Howie Liu. With headquarters located in San Francisco, US. The main belief on which Airtable was founded is that “A software shouldn’t decide how a person works, rather Man should dictate How a software should work “. Airtable is a mixture of spreadsheet and Database hybrid i.e., it contains the features which basically a database will have but these features are applied to Spreadsheet. The fields which are present in Airtable are almost similar to the cells that are present in a spreadsheet but contains types like checkbox, Drop-down list, and phone number and also can reference the attachments such as images. Virtually Airtable supports any types of Embed, Long Text Notes, Including File attachments, Checkboxes, Barcodes and also Algorithms.

Funding through Series C

Recently through series C type of funding Airtable has raised $100M which is the company’s highest funding till today. The three lead investors in Series C funding are Thrive Capital, coatue Management and Benchmark. The other five investors include Sarah Smith, Emile Weiss, Delphine Arnalt, Dan Rose and Alexa von Tobel. This $100M is raised to Build out Enterprise Offerings. Earlier through other funding methods, Airtable has raised an overall of $162.6M.

Key Features of Airtable includes

Linking between the tables – Airtable has the option which allows the user to link the records between different tables if there is any related Data.
Collaboration – Airtable increases the productivity of the workplace by allowing multiple users to access and work simultaneously on a single same base by providing an e-mail ID
Publishing Views – To view the Published bases in Airtable one need not be an active user of Airtable. i.e., without having an Airtable account, one can view the Real-Time information present in the Base.
And many other such as Airtable Integration, Snapshot etc.,
Mobile Access – In 2015 December, Airtable has introduced an IOS version which made users work on Tables using their Mobile. whereas it’s also available for Android Version.

Blocks – An innovative app-like feature where one can Mix and Match to Create the perfect Workflow for team. Liu the co-founder of Airtable once said: “Blocks introduces Workflows that are not earlier possible – Not only on Airtable Platform, But on any other platform before “. and ‘Custom Apps earlier in past which have taken months and costs hundreds and thousands of Dollars to build would be made easy and just in the matter of a few days by end-users themselves ‘.

Blocks not only enables its users to bring in Data from no. of sources, But also lets to select no. of different types of Outputs for How and Where would the data can be used, and also Whether it is in the Marketing campaign across Text messaging, AI – Based bot, Or a VR Experience.


Airtable provides multiple templates such as

Content calendars – which are also called Editorial Calendars. It’s an indispensable Tool to streamline the process of content creation, push the content through Pipeline and ensure the alignment of the entire Team.
Project Tracker – Project Management Template is useful for Startups, Small Business, Product and Project Managers, Consulting Firms, Freelancers and more in making the most Complex projects easily manageable.
Marketing Campaign Tracker – This Template would be perfect in case of small startups to check the Digital Marketing efforts are going smoothly and for a Large company to track their extensive campaigns which consist of multiple components.
These are few, among many other Templates of Airtable which makes the work of user more authentic, easy and less effort.


In recent times, Airtable due to its creative and innovative outcomes and mostly easy access for the users has emerged as a leader and established itself in large markets of fast-growing startups with Tens and Hundreds of Billions of Dollars and these collected funds still in play and definitely one will continue to Witness this trend of Funding in future.


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