Are You Launching a Business in 2019? 10 Tips to Ensure Success

by Josh Biggs in Business on 21st May 2019

Starting a business is about as easy as it gets, it’s what comes afterwards that makes it a real challenge. The running of the business is what makes or breaks a company and, if you overlook even the simplest of operations, you could fall victim of failing, just like 8 out of 10 businesses do. Before launching your first business, it’s imperative you’re well prepared and you have everything you need to ensure you’re not going to follow the same route. Here are ten tips that will make your start-up a success.

1.     Consider Online Courses

If you have absolutely no idea about business or how to get a start-up off the ground, your best chance of survival is to take advantage of one of the many online training courses. What these training courses will do is help you understand everything about starting a business and what it takes to make it a success. You can find out more about online training at Find Courses – they have thousands of business classes ranging from different levels, giving you the chance to take one that suits your current experience. An online course will give you the experience, confidence, and motivation to take your business forward and compete with the rest.

2.     Keep Things Simple

The important part about starting a business is to ensure you keep things as tight and as simple as you possibly can, for as long as you can. We all like the thought of a bit more money at the end of it, but if it’s going to eat into your capital to get it, why would you bother? The longer you can wait for things to turn big, the longer you have to establish your business so that it’s permanent. A lot of entrepreneurs make this mistake, and who can blame them for wanting to go big so quick?

3.     Invest in a Detailed Business Plan

A business plan really is the difference in taking your business forward. Without a detailed one, you’re going to likely hit a brick wall somewhere down the line. A business plan is there to back you up when things get rough and, if you have one in place, you’re going to have much more to work with should things get tough. An experienced small business accountancy firm like Howlader & Co. can help you create a good business plan and set your financial goals right. A lot of start-up businesses overlook this step because they don’t know how to create one, or simply because they feel their business idea is more than good enough to take them to financial freedom. If you are serious about starting a successful business, it starts by creating a detailed business plan.

4.     Don’t Spend Where It’s Not Needed

A lot of business start-ups make this mistake from the beginning. They feel they need the latest equipment or a handful of employees to get things rolling. This mistake is made because entrepreneurs feel like they have the necessary capital to implement these things. However, if you don’t feel like you need it, what’s the point in overspending? When it comes to equipment, there’s plenty you can do to minimise the costs, such as seeking out second-hand items. When it comes to new employees – you may not need them, you might just need to improve efficiency by investing in the latest software. First, look at what you need and then look at what you can do to minimise the costs. It’s the little savings that can really help a business when trying to go forward. Another good point to consider in this scenario is that entrepreneurs instantly establish office space to work from. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sitting in your bedroom for the first few months to keep the costs down if that’s possible.

5.     Keep Being You

One tip a lot of entrepreneurs seem to forget is the fact their personality changes because they are now business owners. It’s important not to lose sight of your targets but, at the same time, it’s especially important you don’t lose your personality. This could be something as simple as ensuring you spend quality time with your family and stop replying to emails at a set time every evening. It’s great you want to be a success and you’re doing everything you can to make sure of it, but it’s important you don’t forget who you are.

6.     Hire an Accountant

Hiring an accountant from the beginning might sound like an expensive thing to do, but you don’t have to retain an accountant, you just need one there when you need them. Accountants can help with business plans, financial reports, government relationships and the like, so what’s not to like about hiring one from the get-go? They will help you keep your finances in order from the beginning, giving you more chance of securing capital, building partnerships, and taking your business forward in the future.

7.     Listen to Others

Listening to others could keep you motivated and hungry for more. Whether you’re registered on a business forum or you follow a successful businessperson on Instagram, it’s the small things that can really give you a boost. Things aren’t always going to be rosy as a business owner, and you may even find there are more bad times than there are good. However, keeping relationships close and always looking toward inspiration is a good way to keep you feeling good about yourself and your business.

8.     Always Keep Engaging

This is one of the most crucial tips as a start-up – you should always listen to your customers and engage whenever possible. Whether you have a small Facebook page or a blog with few responses – it’s those responses that can make your business seem more human instead of “another business with a balaclava on”.

9.     Take Those Risks

You’ll never learn who you really are unless you start taking some risks. What we said above about overspending on equipment and staff doesn’t need to be completely overlooked, as taking risks in business could well pay off. If you want a brand-new computer chair that’s made out of gold because you think you’ll look good on Instagram – go and get yourself one.

10.  Be Organised

It doesn’t matter how much you pay or what you’re willing to do to be organised, you should do it. Poor organisation is why a lot of start-up businesses fall. So, if you feel like investing in brand new software is going to help your business flourish, you should certainly consider it, just as long as it isn’t going to eat into your finances too much.

Starting a business in 2019 doesn’t have to be as difficult as it once was. With many more avenues you can opt for, and different types of business entities you can create, you have much more wiggle room to ensure you have the criteria ready to be an entrepreneur. The above tips only scrape the barrel in terms of all the options you have when launching your first business and, although you do need to find a niche that’s worth serving, it’s still very easy to get a business off the ground. It’s also easy to go off track and get excited about your new business but, if you really want to make things work, you should strongly consider the above tips.

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