by Josh Biggs in Software on 29th May 2020

Have you ever imagined using a software or application that provides all business operations on a single platform? A tool that can take all your worries away and help increase your team’s productivity and efficiency? If that’s the case you have been struggling with, then its time to cherish the availability of such an excellent application. @Work is a seamless compilation of all essential tools and features. 

The developers designed @Work with just one goal; to increase the speed of work and improve the efficiency quotient exponentially whether your teams are working in the office or remotely performing their duties. No matter where you are, with @Work, you can get things done with collaboration, analysis, and multifunctioning. Not only that, but you can also prioritize tasks, discuss them, devise schedules, and keep track of your team’s individual and collective progress in real-time.


You can do all much more with just a few clicks on your laptop or a few taps on a smartphone. @Work has been developed to fulfill the unfortunate gap in the project management operations in challenging times and can also be a perfect alternative in normal mode. Project managers, as you very well know, have a variety of different tasks to complete and monitor. Up till now, you would have had to install multiple tools and software on your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone to make sure that you handle these tasks efficiently. But that won’t be quite a favorable solution so far. Switching between these tools must be very confusing, and PMs would continuously complain about losing a file or forgetting which task they had to complete using those softwares. After a while, it can lead to a messy system that no one would ever like to work in for the company. Thus, it’s high time to enter the new state of the art project management software that is going to be your one solution to all the problems.


Like we said in the beginning, @Work gives you the one thing that you had been missing until now. A single hub for all your tasks and activities. No need to switch between multiple applications and no need for confusion. Everything in the only place for you and your team members to access, process, report, and submit. 


@Work also gives you the benefit of a favorable navigation system that doesn’t need a computer engineer or software developer to use. With other tools, you would need longer sessions to ensure that all your team members understand the application usage. And even then, the managers face continuous problems settling issues now and then. Now, you have a simplified tool that all of your teams can instantly access and use without the need for complicated manuals or multiple orientation sessions. 


What is the one thing that business heads worry about the most?

Having their critical and confidential data hacked, leading to the loss of the client’s faith in the company’s credibility. Various nefarious individuals and organizations consider it their mission to steal that data and use it for their purposes. The crime wave of the data being stolen and compromised is continuously increasing, and a majority of companies have reported that their systems were hacked and vandalized over the last few years. What you need is a safe and secure way of conducting your business operations, and that is precisely what @Work is offering you. With its end to end encryption as well as business to business encryption, you can rest assured that your data is in authorized possession only. Unauthorized personnel will not get their hands on your confidential information. 


The work that project managers performed has evolved a lot over the past few years. Now, they expect you to be reporting while traveling. This is a massive problem for PMs who do not have software or tools that they can operate on the move. PMs need to have a robust and secure device in the palm of their hands that they can use to monitor and evaluate the progress, the tasks, and affiliated individuals at any time that they want. With @Work, that is all possible, unlike the previous platforms. Track the progress of the tasks that you assigned or individuals and even the progression of multiple teams without the constant need to head back to your station. 


With @Work by your side, you don’t need to worry about things like file duplication, unauthorized access, or misplacing your files. @Work gives you the ability to save your data in a single cloud and share them with whoever you want quickly. Get regular notifications about the status of your files and when they are being shared or accessed to stay updated. Share them in chat rooms and ensure that only the teams or individuals who should have access to them, can see the files. View all your data according to priority, task completion, or any other way that you want. Group multiple files in folders according to the teams that have access to them without the fear of duplication. Utilize the sticky notes and make sure that everyone knows which data is being uploaded and the relevant details.


With the all-powerful features, you can quickly post announcements and ensure that everybody receives them. But sometimes you do have instructions that are only meant for specific individuals or teams. And that’s not a big deal now. Just define the visibility of those posts, and only the people with access can see them. With receipts, you can easily find out how many of your team members have seen your posts and announcements and who hasn’t. The best thing about your feed is that you can either step back to see the big picture or scroll down to work on small tasks with the individual employee. 


Did we just found the one-stop-shop solution for all your PMs out there? I think @Work does suffice the needs of current as well as future business operations. Thus, you may now improve your efficiency, productivity, and overall performance, enabling your teams to prioritize their tasks and allocate resources effectively, just with this one tool.

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