Aurora Solar – Software provider for Solar Design and Sales raises $20M

by megan jones in News on 5th February 2019

Aurora Solar is a Cloud-based software developer which enables the sophisticated Solar PV Engineering design and provides the functionality of workflow management and also facilitates customer acquisition and sales for financiers and solar installers. Aurora was co-founded by Christopher Hopper, Samuel Adeyemo in 2013 headquartered at San Francisco with a goal of accomplishing any Solar professional to outline and sell the Optimal solar project within minutes. Aurora creates a sale proposal and comprehensive engineering design with possessing only electricity bill and Address. Currently, Aurora software is implemented in more than 12,000 PV Projects a week in the US and across globally.

Funding through series ‘A’

Recently, Aurora Solar has raised $20M in Series A with Energize ventures and S28 Capital as the lead investors and contribution from Pear Ventures. This is the first ever funds raised by the organization. According to Christopher Hopper, the co-founder of Aurora Solar, these funds will be utilized for the expansion of all the functions in the organization.

Features for implementing Aurora

  1. Pre-Qualification
    – Model the site
    – Model customer’s Electricity load profile
    – Conduct the shading analysis
  2. System Design
    – Drag and drop BOS components and modules
    – Automatic System Designer
    – Performing NEC validation
  3. Performance Simulation
    – Simulate Energy production
    – Generate Loss-tree diagrams
  4. Sales
    – Compare the Financing options
    – Creating sales proposals
  5. Permitting
    – Shade reports submission for rebates
    – Single line and Layout diagrams exportation

Advantages of using Aurora Solar

  • Save ample time with Remote Site Analysis
    Users can confidently quote systems and design using Arora from their desk itself. Irradiance engine of Aurora renders NREL-validated Solar access values which are statistically equal to the traditional On-site Shade measurement tools. Customers can generate bankable shade reports which are accepted by almost all major Rebate utilities including ONCOR, NYSERDA, MassCEC, etc., and many authorities.
  • Design Accurate Commercial Projects in minutes
    Aurora Solar’s commercial suite comprises Financial analysis tools and Design custom built for projects like C&I, making it the only commercial Solar Design software of the industry. Customers can instantly create Standardized PV systems using fill zones along with performing detailed analysis, calculating the Depreciation tax shield without leaving application.
  • Increasing sales by winning proposals
    Aurora collects complete information from the simulations and solar designs and then calculates the financial returns for leases, PPAs, cash payments, and loans. So there is no need for powerpoints and spreadsheets. Apart from this Aurora also combines financial information and design into the sales proposals with just a click. The user can sell solar according to their wish by using customizable templates.
  • Advanced Engineering
    Aurora Solar users can create detailed designs using integrated CAD Interface and ensure NEC-Compliance automatically in that. Apart from this users can also generate and export layout and single line diagrams for better integration into the permitting processes.
  • Training Support
    Aurora provides One-on-One one hour training sessions with all the clients via screen share. After that, the trained person can schedule a session for half an hour with any customer-success team in the need of help at any time. If the user can’t get a solution in the documentation, videos, guides or any other means, they can directly contact Aurora’s comprehensive help center and seek the information.


By providing all the information and support in one platform, Aurora Solar though in its starting phase has designed over 1,000,000 Solar Installations. This shows the relevance or Aurora Solar in the current growing industries and the reason for its funding. And these steps boost Aurora to stay and expand its operations.


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