Bad Credit: What Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Applying for a Loan

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 13th March 2019

Entrepreneurs with bad credit may have problems accessing financial assistance. All lenders and financial institutions usually check with the credit bureaus to learn your situation to determine how much a business can be lent. With many factors that can cause a credit score to drop, a business may find itself in this position. Entrepreneurs should decide what to do carefully. Otherwise, their businesses will be jeopardized by a lack of funds. Here are a few important things for entrepreneurs to know before applying for a loan.

Know Your Current Status

It is easy to obtain a credit report depending on your country. Concerned authorities do mandate that you can receive a free annual report. They also allow entrepreneurs to get one with ease. This is the starting point because you will know what your score is. If your business scores below 600, it will be considered to be a low score. The lower the score is, the lower the chances of getting a good loan at most lending institutions. They will think that the business has been repaying previous loans late or even defaulting.

Improve Your Credit Score First

If you visit the Boostcredit101 website, you will find numerous tips for boosting your business credit score and information about the benefits of doing this. It is crucial to consider using this option because it will give your business an edge in the future. If the business can wait a few more months for the loan, the following steps can be applied to boost the score.

  • Pay bills on time – from now on, you must improve how you manage the monthly bills. In addition to increasing your score, you will also be better able to plan your finances as a whole.
  • Repay any outstanding loans – defaulting on a current loan will cause significant problems. Repaying it completely may be the best option to start improving a credit score. Be sure to mention to the lender that you are now on track and that they can report your good credit history.
  • Manage credit cards – credit cards are usually a big plus to the credit rating when they are managed well. Therefore, use them regularly and pay any outstanding balance on time.

Credit Score Repair Experts Can Help

Apart from telling you how to manage your bills and current loans to improve your score, these experts can offer more assistance than you can imagine. One of the things they do is to negotiate with lenders on your behalf. If the cause of your current situation is a failure to properly repay bills and loans, they will negotiate better terms and conditions. One more thing they do is to connect people to lenders who do not mind poor credit scores. Although the interest rates for this option are high, they will negotiate longer repayment plans that are affordable on a monthly basis.


As an entrepreneur, understanding more about the credit score rating and how it works is mandatory. It is through this information that you will know what to do before receiving a loan for your business.


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