Banuba – Computer vision Org raises $7M funds in Venture Round

by megan jones in News on 30th November 2018

Banuba – A Computer vision company develops technologies for the most Innovative and Functional use of the camera which transposes into people’s creativity, joy, and comfort. Banuba was founded in 2016 with headquarters at Asia-Pacific region (APAC) by Viktor Prokopenya. Banuba creates Camera-based technologies and develops them in a robust Augmented Reality (AR) platform for the developers, amazing camera Apps for people, and dynamic solutions for organizations.

Banuba has developed its own SDK and keeps on improving it constantly. Started as AI lab to mold the talks about Emerging technologies into Real-World use cases.

Funds through Venture Round

Recently through venture round, Banuba has raised $7M to Supercharge any device or app with the capability to truly see the person. Larnabel ventures, which usually invest in the fast-growing IT sector is the lead investor and VP capital is the other investor. Previously, Banuba has raised $5M and with this new funding, the total funds are $12M.

Banuba Applications

Banuba has created its own apps such as Banuba SDK, Banuba Face filters, Easy snap, VideoMoji.


Features of Banuba SDK

  • Easy to Integrate – Banuba Provides frameworks with explanatory examples and working samples. The user will have a comprehensive guide and support for the quick launch of the app.
  • Integrated with a unity plugin – Banuba’s technology can be utilized in the Unity projects. It helps the user in easy creation of AR content along with familiar unity engine which can be used in many games, industries and across applications.
  • Mobile optimized – Both Android and iOS devices are supported for Banuba’s technology and this can be run on devices developed from 5s (iPhone) and Android 5.0 to a higher and latest versions with camera 1280×720 (recommended) and minimum 30 FPS.
  • Works Offline – The most exciting feature is that this technology can be accessed offline. i.e., Internet connection is not required.


AI-Powered camera ensures a person look as natural and as beautiful they are in real time by removing distortions. In the case of EasySnap, it enables a person to adjust perfect lighting, remove blemishes and also know their best angles to showcase true beauty. In real time, it gives full Creative-control of the images.
Features of EasySnap

  • Lighting – It helps to improve the images having poor lighting and ensures a bright resolution and clears overall photograph
  • Adjust Symmetry – EasySNap ensures the facial features of a person look vibrant as well as balanced
  • Auto-retouch – Using skin enhancement, the user can maximize their natural complexion
  • Instant Result – The best thing is that EasySnap blends with the camera which makes super fast and easy to do.
  • Easy to Share – With just a single click, the user can share their favorite pictures in social media.

In fact, with all these features, EasySnap makes a person feel like having a Professional photographer in their hand.

Banuba Face filters

Banuba gives its user ultimate video and photo experience. Features like funny, scary, masks, futuristic & beautifying face filters are present.
Features of Selfie cam

  • Can put scary filters and best horror shots can be shooted
  • Spread – user can easily shoot, save, and share the photos and videos easily in social media
  • Variety of Live filters can be chosen from the artistic to the shocking ones
  • The user can always stay new by trying the fresh effects.


In the current world, camera has been a main feature of the mobile and it’s being used for countless no. of things. But this just the beginning. Upcoming new AR devices definitely will replace the mobiles. Banuba being an AR (Augmented Reality) developer is trying to enable the mobile applications compatible of AR which is the future of hands-free technology. This made Banuba stand out of the box and step towards a growing entity.

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