Basic Rules for Implementing Zendesk

by Josh Biggs in Software on 16th July 2021

In most cases, applications that help optimize customer experience take a lot of time to learn. For example, the effectiveness of Zendesk customer support is quite dependent on the range of settings used. In this guide, we’ll show you how to tune this tool for maximum performance. Learn how to implement the core Zendesk products — Support Tool and Guide Tool. We will also tell you which options you can leave enabled and which must be disabled.

The usefulness of Zendesk tools

Before you start talking about the functionality of the product, you should have a general idea of the purpose of its use. There are quite a few Zendesk analogs that offer roughly the same options but for a fraction of the cost. Then why do you need to pay for a Zendesk subscription?

First of all, Zendesk is distinguished by reliability and many years of successful use. Every component in the system has passed the test of time and works to attract new customers. The same Zendesk Support is configured to make your customers more loyal to your products or services. The necessary functions are already integrated into the tool and you do not need to turn to other services to get the desired result.

Configurable parameters to optimize performance

Below we will talk about the basic Zendesk settings you need to enable for maximum efficiency. For your convenience, we have prepared a short description for each of them so that you have a correct understanding of the functionality of this tool.

Zendesk Support Tool

This option is designed to ensure the correct operation of your customer support service. This means that most of the section settings are related to both the site’s clients and employees. This section integrates a whole set of additional subsystems aimed at improving the quality of service.

  • Channel system option — enable

The main function of this setting is to configure the channel for transmitting incoming requests. This channel can have individual settings for each task.

  • Task automation — enable

You also need to enable automatic task assignments. From the name of the option, it is clear that the tool helps to automate the process of distributing tasks between agents. The option is an indispensable assistant for companies with a large staff and a large flow of customers.

  • Self-service portal — enable

There are many reasons why customers are reluctant to deal with customer support. To solve this problem, there is a great option – a self-service portal. In this place, a person can try to help himself without the intervention of employees. Zendesk uses a third-party or pre-installed theme to make the optimization process easier.

Ticket Views in Zendesk Support. Source

Zendesk Guide Tool

If you have experience with Zendesk, you probably already know what Zendesk Guide is. In fact, this is a separate object in the general system, but it has a special role. This section is used to manage the content of the knowledge base, including FAQs and product descriptions. There are many additional features integrated into the platform, but we recommend connecting customer support and setting up a help center. You can turn support on and off before making it available to site visitors.

The following are the main steps involved in implementing the Help Center:

  1. You need to customize the page so that customers recognize you.
  2. Determine the name. You need to make sure that the Help Center has the correct name.
  3. Language settings. The appropriate language must be set for each country and region.
  4. Informative content. You need a help center to get useful information. For this, the most detailed FAQ section is created.

You can use many more ad-hoc settings. Not all of them are necessary, but if you think that they will be useful, then it is better to connect. In addition, to optimize the team’s work, you can use third-party implementation services or order branding customization.

A standard theme in Zendesk Guide – Copenhagen. Source

Integration procedure

The Zendesk product has a fair amount of additional options, but even this does not have everything you need. You can additionally use many things by going through the integration procedure. Here are some of the most exciting options to help you improve your Zendesk experience.

  • GrowthDot Tool

This function is used to send large databases of marketing companies. You can segment your customer base based on targeted lists or use bulk tracking. This option can be used with any tariff plan. Companies with a large turnover of goods and high traffic to the site must resort to this option.

  • Email tracking

This option will help you use analytics for emails. The integration of this tool makes it possible to improve the marketing campaign. Employees will be able to use statistics to see the effectiveness of email campaigns.

  • Special dark mode

You can of course use themes to style your pages, but this is far from dark mode. This option is one of the most demanded today. This add-on can be easily integrated into any system and works for any device. There is no need to pay for the most expensive subscription, dark mode is available for all Zendesk service packages.

Dark mode for Zendesk. Source

An important advantage of integrating additional options of the Zendesk service is providing an integrated approach. With its help, you can easily implement any “knowledge base” – a catalog of articles, instructions, and tips that makes it easier for users to master our service.


With Zendesk, support staff can quickly sort cases by topic. With the help of a search, they can find out how many questions users have asked on a topic in a specified period of time. This information allows you to understand in which direction your project can be finalized. Each embedded object should be consistent with the goals of your project.

For the best performance, your company should choose those options that will bring maximum benefit. Indeed, in addition to providing detailed statistics, the service should help determine how many percent of users are satisfied with the support work. Zendesk also favorably stands out from several competitors by having its own app store, which allows you to synchronize its work with any service.

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