Benefits of Good Packaging for Your Small Business

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 3rd June 2021

There are many aspects that go into having a successful business. You need to have solid marketing, a good business plan, a strong team of employees and a product or service that people want.

But often, a poor presentation of your product can have a major impact on how successful you are. If your packaging is basic or low-quality, it isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it could even be hurting your bottom line.

Whether you get your packaging through a provider like, or handle everything in-house, here are some benefits of good packaging for your small business.

Stand Out From the Competition and Build Your Brand

Building a brand is a crucial part of having a successful business. Brands are often built through social media and other avenues, but having memorable and quality packaging is another way to spread your message. Whether it is your logo, your package design or even the colors used, if people can associate your package with your product immediately and help improve brand notoriety.

In addition to brand building, good packaging can help you stand out. No matter your product, there are likely plenty of competitors out there to deal with. You want your offering to stand above them due to the uniqueness or attractiveness of your package. This is especially true if your product is sold in stores. Packaging can be a huge differentiator, and should not be overlooked. Shrink wrapping using an automated shrink wrapping machine can be an affordable choice for better packaging of products and is designed to minimize space too. 

Create a Strong First Impression and Unboxing Experience

First impressions are everything in business, and that includes packaging. You want customers to feel excitement as soon as they see your product in the box. If packaging is boring or plain, it can often lessen the feeling of anticipation when opening it.

Also, consumers want to have a good unboxing experience. Whether they are making videos, social media posts or just opening for their own enjoyment, you want the experience to be fun. A fun unboxing can make a product that much more beloved, and if these unboxing videos or experiences are being shared, it can help your product get in front of more eyes.

If you can make a good first impression with a fun, exciting or engaging unboxing experience, it can go a long way in helping your business succeed.

Keep the Products Safe

Good packaging doesn’t only mean looking good. There is also the important function of ensuring the products inside are kept safe. If your product has the potential to chip, crack, dent or be damaged in some other way, it needs to be secured well.

Products should be surrounded by an interior foam organizer, or at the very least some packaging peanuts. You can’t always guarantee the courier will treat a product with care, even if you request it. As a result, you need to do all you can inside the box to keep items as safe as possible during transit and delivery.

If you ship around the world, it is even more crucial to have good and strong packaging. If things are consistently arriving broken or damaged, you will surely lose customers in the process. People can also feel more confident in your company if you do all you can to ensure products arrive safely. Finally, good packaging can save you the hassle and money of handling returns and refunds if your products arrive damaged. 

High-Quality Packaging for Your Business

As you can see, there are many different benefits that can come from having high-quality packaging for your products. You will stand out and build your brand, all while keeping your products safe in transit and making a strong first impression on your customers.

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