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Bespoke software solution – why your business needs it and how to find a provider

by Josh Biggs in Software on 30th May 2019

The increasing demand for software solutions isn’t a new topic, considering that all companies wish to maintain a digitalized approach on their or operations. If you are currently looking to implement the right tools and digital resources, you might be wondering in which direction to go.

The software offerings now available on the market are quite extensive, but once you analyze the features of regular off-the-shelf software products, you will conclude that some of the functionalities included won’t work for your business, and others lack your desired specifications.

More SMEs are choosing to collaborate with sow tare engineers to develop a custom software product, a tool designed exclusively for their in-house requirements. Is this the option you should consider as well? Bespoke software solutions bring to the table multiple powerful advantages, and you should be well aware of them before making further decisions.

Here are the main factors that make custom software appealing, as well as a few indications on how to search for the right collaborators:

Embracing brand identity

One of your main business goals at the moment is probably to maintain customer and employee loyalty. Well, off-the-shelf software products can prevent you to meet that objective, considering they don’t come with white labeling and brand identity capabilities.

Bespoke solutions, on the other hand, give you the chance to maintain brand identity across several cloud-based systems. You’ll gain access to unique tools , such as audio messages, which will contribute to your business’ image and help you stay ahead of competition.

Automating repetitive tasks – specific to your field of practice

Bespoke software solutionRepetitive tasks can be what was holding your company down, preventing you from reaching optimal productivity levels. Bespoke software can change that. By implementing the right solution here, you can automate repetitive tasks specific to your business concept, and give your employees the possibility to handle core business activities instead. Custom software can be developed according to what your business needs. The right software engineering company will assess your requirements and will perfect in-house automation through technology.

Minimizing disruptions

During a software roll-out, one of your biggest concerns will probably be a potential workflow disruption. Adopting new technology can often lead to service interruptions and downtime, which will naturally affect the productivity and profitability of the organization.

With bespoke software, your development partner can guide you through implementation, and will ensure a software architecture that is advantageous to your exact operational needs. The friction and learning curve complications that usually arise during roll-out can be thus minimized.

Bigger data

If you want a tool that is actually highly effective at collecting, as well as interpreting data, a custom approach is the right choice here. Purpose-built software products can help you spot emerging trends from your industry faster, analyze metrics, and you’ll thus be able to solve certain problems in advance through the accurate data provided. Custom software can bring you targeted results, and this will mean a reduction in time and money wastage.

Ease of use

Bespoke software solutionOnce you implement a new software product, you will also need to consider training requirements. Your entire team needs to understand how everything works and how to make the most of each feature. Because custom solutions are designed exclusively for your organization, it will be easier for you to learn how to use it.

Bespoke software will work the way your company works – your team members won’t have troubles getting around the characteristics of the system, and usability can reach peak levels from the start.

Further modifications

The demands of any company change as the organization develops and expands. This means, your future technology requirements might be slightly different than the ones you have today. Always switching to another system won’t be great for productivity, but this won’t be a problem with a bespoke solution. Purpose-built tools can benefit from further medications – more features will be added, and capabilities will be improved. You will benefit from on-going modifications whenever the need arises.


Keep in mind that custom tools are easier to integrate as well. Designed with your specific operational needs in mind, information can be integrated from existing systems, and just because you are implementing a new system, it won’t mean your previous integrations will stop functioning.

How to find a company that’s up to the task?

The benefits of custom software are now obvious, but you also need to acknowledge that you can access all the advantages promised only if you work with the right experts. You need to find a software engineering company that is able to design a product that incorporates the variety of features you want.

Because there are so many developers and engineers now accessible, when you are trying to find a collaborator, you should make your selection based on a few important factors:

  • Experience

Look into the company’s longevity, and find out if they are sufficiently experienced to take up the type of project you are interested in.

  • Extensive portfolio

Check out some of their previous projects. You should be certain the pros have the capabilities necessary to provide development support to different types of SMEs, so looking over their portfolio will help you figure that out.

  • Communication

True cooperation can be essential for a productive on-going partnership. Because you want specific results, you need to work with professionals who are able to communicate effectively and can understand your vision and demands.

  • Business skills

The developers or engineers should understand what exactly your enterprise needs from them, and having business skills is relevant here. Being business-orientated will allow the engineers to ensure the business-led functionalities of your future custom software product.

Software and digital tools have become indispensable to businesses nowadays. Technology allows enterprises to maintain their operations effective, and keep in-house productivity to high levels. While off-the-shelf software products are multiple, the features these come with might just not completely cover the demands of your organization. A bespoke alternative remains the preferred option, as you can clearly see from the advantages underlined above. Now that you have a bit more clarity on how your business would benefit from custom software development, as well as how to find an engineering company to deliver the end-product, you can start making the right decisions in this department.

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