Best 10 Money- and Time-Saving Tips for Relocating Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 29th May 2020

The relocation of offices is not a new thing in the corporate world. Many corporate companies opt to move their businesses from one place to another for various reasons. But it is one tough decision nevertheless. No company wants to move from a place where their operations are going smoothly. If a business decides to move its office then there has to be a strong reason behind it. The most common cause of relocating a company is when they feel they don’t have enough room for carrying out their business activities. Sometimes businesses want to expand their working spaces when their work process increases. They will try to expand the space at their current location but sometimes it is not possible. Sometimes businesses just relocate to reduce operating costs. Businesses also tend to move to a new location when they want to modernize their equipment and the current location does not have the facilities to go through these changes.

Few companies want to move to a location where they have a large market. They would like to move to a place where there are lots of companies that are similar to them. Businesses might move just to improve the quality of life and business. There are also certain benefits of moving your office to a new location which can help a business in a large way. A company might find a better pool of employees where they are planning to move. Not only that but they might also hire them for cheaper salaries. The new location can have better tax breaks compared to their current locations. Many cities are offering lucrative tax breaks so that more and more businesses invest in them. There is no point in staying in a place where the business is declining. So companies have to make a difficult decision to move to a new place. But the relocation of business is a very stressful job. Apart from that, it is also quite an expensive and time-consuming process. 

So here are a few tips that will help you in relocating your business effortlessly.

Hire professionals to move your office

You don’t want to hand over the responsibility of moving your business to anyone who has trucks and can transport stuff. That is not the way to go when you are talking about the relocation of the business. One must do a considerable amount of research to find out what are the companies that are best at moving businesses from one place to another. There are plenty of companies that specialize in such services. Relo-To is one such service that can relocate families, businesses, and more. It is better to hire professionals than hiring amateurs. These moving service companies also pack and unpack your stuff apart from loading and unloading them. Also, ask for recommendations to find out the service that can help you relocate within the budget.

Start planning beforehand

You cannot expect to move into a new office space just like that. One must start planning in advance if they want to make sure the process goes smoothly. There are lots of things to take care of when a business is trying to relocate. Furniture, documents, and equipment are some of the most important things that have to be carefully transported otherwise it can lead to many problems in the future. So you must plan in advance to make sure that you have a strategy to move essentials without damaging them. You have to do this because it will help you in relocating your office within a given time frame.

Make employees pack their own stuff 

This is one thing that can help you with packing things easily without anything going missing. Just give your employees the responsibility to pack their own desk. It is a great idea as they are the ones who know exactly what is their stuff. They know all the essentials that they are responsible for. So they will not forget anything while packing. This will also save you a lot of time in deciding what should be packed and what shouldn’t be. Moreover, the employees will not have a choice to complain that their stuff is missing.

Realize how much space you need for setting up your new office

As you have already made the decision to relocate your office, it’s better if you have an idea about how much office space you need. You have to make this call beforehand so that you find a place that satisfies all your professional needs. One must know the level of business activity that can happen in the new place. It will help them choose a place that suits them. It is not necessary that a person has to find large office space. They can opt for a smaller space if they feel they don’t need a large space. But one must keep in mind their future needs when selecting an office.

Ask your employees what they expect from the new office

Know what your employees are expecting from a new office space. Hear their suggestions patiently. You don’t have to do everything they have to say. But there might be some suggestions that can really help you in setting up new office space. Moving to a new place can make employees a little uncomfortable so implement some of their suggestions to make them feel better. It will also help in increasing their productivity. They will also tell if there are any unnecessary things that are not of any use. You can get rid of those and save money. 

Pack each computer separately

Computers have become one of the most essential parts of all kinds of businesses. Just think of one business in the current world that doesn’t use a computer. It is hard to find one. Almost every business is using computers because they make their work easy and can store all the data related to the business. Moreover, computers are very costly equipment so you don’t want to lose or damage them during shipping. Pack each computer separately so that they can be transported safely. Packing them individually reduces the chances of them getting damaged.

Plan moving your IT setup in advance

You have to have a great strategy for moving your entire IT setup. Any person who works in an office knows how intricate the IT setup is. All the equipment like routers, printers, cables, etc are the most essential part of the business. A company must have spent years and years in setting up their IT equipment and moulding it according to their need. So you have to be very careful while shipping all the equipment. Plan in advance on how to move the IT equipment safely so that it can be set up in no time after reaching the destination.

Put labels on every box

If you’re in Los Angeles and you’d like to make your moving process as simple as possible, you can rent reusable plastic boxes from Boxbee. The advantage of renting these types of boxes is that you can have them delivered right to your office so you can move and unpack, and then have the empty boxes picked up once you’re done. This helps you save since you won’t have to buy flimsy cardboard boxes that can end up breaking and making a mess. Labeling every box will give an idea of what is in which container. Rather than opening each box to know what is in it, you can just simply put a label that shows what is in it. This will save a lot of time while rearranging your office. You will not be wasting time opening unnecessary boxes. One can open each box in an order which will simplify the process of setting up the new workspace. Moreover, it will also give the moving services an idea on which boxes can place below and which boxes can be placed above them.

Get rid of things you no longer need

This is one of the best ways to cut costs when you are relocating your business. Every business has some goods that it longer uses but it will still be present in the office. This is the best time to get rid of all of that stuff. Donate it to someone who needs, sell it in second or sell it in scrap. You will not only be saving money but also make some. One has to pay for all the stuff they want to get shipped then what is the point of shipping things you don’t need. Get rid of them and save money that will go on their transportation.

Update your office address

This is one of the most important things one should do while relocating to their office. Update your office address on your website, visiting cards, and everything that has your company’s address on it. This is essential because each business has some loyal customers which it does not want to lose. So updating your address will let them know about your new location. If needed notify them about your relocation through an email. This will clear out any sort of confusion related to your business.


Businesses relocate for various reasons they can be professional and financial but it is a tough decision nonetheless. One should hire professionals to take care of the relocation process. Pack everything carefully and put labels on them. Be extra careful when you are shipping computers and other IT equipment. Make your employees pack their own stuff so that you don’t lose any important stuff related to them. Start planning in advance so that there is no confusion at the last minute. Use these tips to relocate your business successfully without facing any difficulties.

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