Best Book Writing Software: 10 Writing Tools For Writers

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 23rd May 2019

The idea for a book or a novel might come in the spur of a moment, but the actualization of a book where the hard work lies. Writing a book is a monumental challenge. People are no longer wandering around with writing pads but has resorted to typing as the easier alternative to finishing the task more easily.

The one good thing about going digital in writing is the accessibility to dozens of software and tools that helps to smoothen the writing. Make a note of these awesome writing tools capable of making writing effortless like never before.

1. Google Docs

You never know when inspiration might hit you. Google Docs makes it easier to access any file from the Cloud across all your electronic devices and start writing. It is an elegant software, that has used all the good parts of the good old MS Office and has simply upgraded it. The collaboration features are highly beneficial, making it easier to share the drafts with your editor or other writers. The user can also see as others make changes or add comments simultaneously on their screen. The possibilities of numerous plugins for several purposes only makes it even more attractive.

2. FocusWriter

The concept of FocusWriter is to eliminate all distractions from the writing interface. It has a central blank page and the user can change the background to solid colors or patterns from the selection offered. Menus could be accessed by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen. It comes with all the necessary formatting features but hides it well moving the focus only to the workspace.

3. EssayPro

Let us not forget that writing research papers are almost as challenging as completing a book. EssayPro is a paid tool which offers writing services to writers from work on mistakes to academic papers. Therefore, when writing books, writers may turn to more experienced writers of this writing assistance platform so that they can check and remove mistakes if they were made. The tool also features a blog section that provides insights on types of papers and tips to perfect them, and also offers a lot of paid writing services. Also you can try ProfEssays.

4. Ulysses

Ulysses is an application that you never realize you needed unless you start using it. It syncs between all devices and delivers a very simple and efficient working experience for the writer. There are a variety of style to choose from, numerous formatting and sharing features too. The program also enables the user to export it directly to the website or WordPress.

5. Scrivener

Schriever is a software targeted especially at the authors. It allows the user to have the research, writing pages and references all side by side, at one place for easy accessibility. It is smooth to switch between the different parts and notes. The separate outlining tool and option to split chapters or scenes into separate documents to piece it together later are much to the linkings of novelists.

6. WriteMoneky

monkeyWritemonkey used the text-editing language Markdown to breakdown formatting, annotation and editing of the content. The user interface is efficient with minimum fuss with automatic syntax highlighting, outliner and file organization. It might take some time getting used to, but once you do, it will probably be your favorite.

7. yWriter

This software is mainly designed for novelists and does a fairly good job at that. It is entirely free and comes with some exciting features allowing the user to include character notes, scene notes and many more. In yWriter, the focus is given more to crafting separate scenes and working on them, instead of the chapters.

8. LibreOffice

If you love working with MS Word, then LibreOffice is the best free alternative to that. It comes with almost all the powerful features of MS word without the price tag. The templates are impressive and the collection can cater to a wide range of writing tasks from articles to novels.

9. Vellum

For many writers, formatting is even more difficult than typing itself. Vellum solves that problem for you. It is a powerful tool to make the books look good as ebooks, and across different formats on Kindle, Fire, iPhone, tablets and for other devices. It is a handy tool to have, as not everyone has an entire team dedicated to formatting.

10. Top Essays Inspector

We’ve mentioned loads of services above, we even wrote about writing services that may be in hand if you’ve faced a writer’s block. There’s one more step left, to add a website that will help you to check if the chosen service is legit enough, if it writes high quality articles. TopEssaysInspector contains a list of checked writing services reviews where you may find answers to all your questions. Here you will find information about the owner, history of the website, its price and quality review, etc. Huyen Thanh started these researches when she was a student. You may require review on any writing service you have doubts for. 

11. Microsoft Word

Let us not forget the evergreen and everlasting MS Word. The idea of a word processor started here for many and even after decades, the program still continues to be among the top. The interface is the same but has received remarkable upgrades. It is also to pair it with the other MS office tools and works best with other plugins too.

Storytellers have existed for a long time, even before the paper was invented. These tools are merely there to offer help; the most important tool is your mind. So use that, take a leap into the world of imagination and start writing.

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