Best Browser for 2021: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and More

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 23rd February 2021

It is imperative to know which browser uses the least ram or what is the best browser? Yes, because most of the well-known web browser is famous for hogging RAM. Similarly, because you are working on a not so good web browser, you must have an annoying experience of browsing a website. 

Moreover, you must have noticed that it requires a lot of time to restart or render any page. Interestingly, it also needs to try so many times for a crashed plugin to continue. However, when the world is full of many alternate choices, would you stay with your laptop or PC. 

Pre-Installed Web-Browsers 

Sometimes the default browser can be useful, such as Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Moreover, the Chrome browser comes with tablets and android phones. Similarly, Safari is pre-installed in all the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and others. 

However, the browser of Microsoft edge has switched recently to the chrome engine. You will automatically get this browser with a Window 10 update on any device. Further, the Microsoft edge is for home computers comes as the default browser. 

Besides, Opera and Firefox are third-party web browsers that exaggerate hard to find features elsewhere. Furthermore, these long-running web browsers have vast communities set to help users. These communities have credit for developing such a fantastic web browser. 

On the other hand, many web browsers are specialist, including Avant. Avant is a web browser that runs smoothly, even Avast or Internet Explorer engine, whereas Avast focuses on security.

Moving to Another Web Browsers that Uses Least RAM

It can be stagger to move to another web browser for you because after working on a program, you become habitual of how that program does things. Changing to another web browser means moving to a different structure. However, many web browsers have the same functions and work similarly. 

Moreover, these may also have similar admittance plugins to your previous web browser. So, now moving to another web browser has remain not a great disturbance as it has been once. However, for going to any best browser, you should evaluate which browser uses the least ram first, then you have to select it as your browser.

Let’s evaluate a few famous browsers.

List of Best Browser 

  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft edge

Google Chrome

It is the most compatible browser leading all the browser in the world. However, this browser has some pros and cons, including;

  • A broad library for extensions. 
  • It provides a sleek experience to users.
  • A minimalist style.
  • However, it is a bit resource-hungry browser that devours the RAM of your system.
  • Moreover, Google chrome is inefficient in terms of privacy settings.

Mozilla Firefox

This web browser is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, this web browser has some good and evil, including;

  • Robust privacy and security settings
  • Extensions less than Chrome
  • Slick design
  • The low draw of the system
  • However, it uses RAM more than other web browsers discussed in the blog.


Opera is an all-rounder web browser and is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Just like other web browsers, it also has some good and bad specs such as;

  • Opera browser utilizes a similar base program that Google chrome uses. 
  • This browser is unrecognized by many mature websites; therefore, these websites may restrict you to access them. 
  • In terms of page loading, site navigation and initial startup, opera is graciously fast comparatively to Chrome and Firefox.

In terms of RAM, usage opera is better than Firefox and Chrome. Similarly, this web browser is referred to as the light web browser because it shockingly uses RAM lesser than Chrome and Firefox. However, opera works better in terms of RAM usage, but Chrome’s significance in terms of safety and convenience is higher. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the best web browser on the list because of various reasons. Just like other web browsers, it is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. However, make it superior to the rest of the web browser include;

  • Amazing privacy settings
  • The low drain of performance
  • Same useful features of Chrome

Similarly, when it comes to RAM utilization, Microsoft Edge is the best of all browsers discussed here. Among all the web browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, Microsoft Edge needs to look for a low RAM consuming browser. 

So, if you are looking for the best web browser that consume minimal RAM of your system Microsoft Edge is all you need. 

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