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Best Tech Stocks For 2021

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 21st December 2020

Despite what some people might say, tech stocks remain fairly safe for retail investors. Arguably, the best tech stocks are key if you hope to build a portfolio that will keep you financially secure through 2021.

AMD: A Company WIth A Bright Future

Semiconductors power all of the modern digital devices that people cherish. From smartphones to wearable devices, all of the most popular electronics rely on semiconductors. The semiconductor industry has swelled to a $500 billion market. Currently, AMD remains one of the most promising companies in the semiconductor industry. It’s a fairly safe bet that AMD’s corporate leadership is up to the task of ensuring AMD thrives in 2021. Technology certainly changes in unforeseen ways. Nevertheless, it is certain that semiconductor manufacturing will long remain essential for maintaining the conveniences of modern life.

Why Elastic Is Exciting So Many Stock Market Analysts

According to the expert analysts at Money Morning, “Elastic could be the next Google.” Though Elastic isn’t yet a household name, tech sector watchers are almost uniformly bullish about the future of Elastic. Elastic is a search company that specializes in “enterprise search.” This means Elastic helps companies search through massive amounts of internal data. In addition, Elastic helps companies analyze and visualize data. So far, almost 6,000 companies have come to rely on Elastic for these vital tasks. Elastic’s biggest customers include Netflix, Uber and Walmart. Since Elastic’s stock is undervalued, this is arguably the perfect time to invest.

The Enduring Strength of Intel

Intel (INTC) is the oldest, most well-established stock on this list. Though the decline in demand for PCs has affected Intel’s business, this company has taken necessary steps to refine its business model. In all likelihood, Intel has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. If you solely invest in new, up-and-coming firms, you may not have given Intel the closer look it deserves. Nevertheless, INTC is a stock that seems to be poised for success in 2021. This is one stock that has done right by many, many investors over the years. Precisely because INTC suffered some corrections in 2020, this is an excellent buy for 2021.

Intel’s Excellent Leadership Keeps the Enterprise Steady

In 2020, INTC did experience some ups and down. Nevertheless, these fluctuations were closely related to the global pandemic and its effect on consumer demand. One can’t truthfully say that INTC’s struggles have had anything to do with poor management. On the contrary, Intel’s leadership seems well-poised to guide this venerable company through troubled waters. Intel CEO Robert Swan has proactively charted a bold new course for Intel. Instead of focusing on CPU sales, Intel is on track to capture 30 percent of the global semiconductor market. Considering how much Intel has achieved, it would be very bold to bet against the future of INTC.

It’s never possible to predict the future with any exactness. Nevertheless, the aforementioned tech stocks seem fairly certain to do well in 2021.

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