Blue Hexagon – Cyber Security startup raises $31M in series B

by megan jones in News on 8th February 2019

Blue Hexagon  – Startup for On-Device Machine Learning based Malware Detection is founded in the year 2017 by Nayeem Islam with its headquarters located in San Francisco, USA. Blue Hexagon disrupt the Malware Prevention Market with its deep learning. With Deep Learning inspection, it delivers an Automated Network Protection Solution to address the new threats. Any Known and Unknown network threats can be detected by deep learning. Blue Hexagon has built a real-time Deep Learning platform which detects threats with efficacy, coverage, and speed and this sets a standard mark for Cyberdefense. The Threat protection platform and deep learning detects and prevents threats in very less time with a wire speed of 10G which is less than one second. Along with deep learning, Blue Hexagon uses machine learning to identify network threats in real-time.


Recently in series B funding round, Blue Hexagon raised  $31M with Benchmark and Altimeter as lead investors. As per Nayeem Islam, the founder and CEO of Blue Hexagon, the newly raised funds will be utilized for the development of its deep learning Cybersecurity software.

The Problems in Network

Signature-Based IPS: By creating Signatures malware variants cannot be stopped.
Malware Sandboxing: Sandboxes can be evaded, they have limitations based on file-size, and have delays.
The existing solutions like malware detection systems with sandbox and signature which are in the market since the past ten years cannot control automated attacks.

Solutions for Malware variants

The solutions created by Blue Hexagon for Network threat protection with its real-time deep learning protection.

  1. Blue Hexagon deep learning protection identifies malware variants within milliseconds.
  2. Blue Hexagon has no signatures, no anomaly detection, and no sandboxes.
  3. Tuning and baselining is not required because the process can be automated completely through real-time deep learning.
  4. Prevention is automated on Network devices and endpoint systems like routers, web proxies, and firewall.

How does Blue Hexagon work on Emotet?

Emotet is a malware program which inserts itself into software modules and performs service attacks on systems. It has been built purposefully to evade sandboxing technologies and existing signatures. The deep learning platform of Blue Hexagon can detect Emotet within milliseconds and protects the system from any damage that is created by malware.

Firstly, the user receives an email from Blue Hexagon which contains a word document with a link. The user can download the word document and the macros in the document launch the PowerShell command. Once the command is launched, it searches and finds the Emotet malware that is present in the system and thus the system is protected.


  • Speed of Detection
    Blue Hexagon threat detection identifies and informs in less than a second. so users can stop lateral movement and patient zero in the network. They don’t have to indulge with remediation, human triage, SOC Analyst Investigation.
  • Scope for Prevention
    Usually, any Malware would help in detection of a threat. Since detection alone is not good enough, Blue Hexagon has a Myriad of prevention options for its customers. It enables inline millisecond prevention or automate prevention methods to the customers firewall and endpoint.
  • High-Efficacy Verdicts
    Blue Hexagon’s deep learning inspection can be applied to the entire network flow. This complete information of an attack enables and delivers a high Efficacy threat verdicts. Apart from this, it also makes an adversary harder to evade any system.


Cybersecurity is a prominent requirement in today’s world with emerging Internet facility in which it is mandatory for the defenders to win. The total number of Malware variants that are identified each day is greater than 300,000.  The best solution for this is Deep Learning. By deep learning, many major problems can be solved. It provides a solution to any problem related to cybersecurity. By using deep learning in real-time, Blue Hexagon is preventing threats in very less time and has become an unavoidable software in any system.


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