Christmas Hampers that Everyone Will Love – Employees or Friends

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 17th November 2020

Although it is not an obligation, many people like giving gifts to employees, friends and family during Christmas. It is a culture embraced in several parts of the world. With so many options to choose from, you can find yourself confused over the items to gift to your loved ones.

If you want to please your recipient, buy them a Christmas gift that suits their taste. You can ask others or go to them directly. If they happen to be far away, play it safe by choosing a neutral item.

Here are some Christmas gift hampers that everyone will love

Ho Ho Hampers

While chocolates are a popular inclusion in most gift hampers, not everyone has a sweet tooth. If you like salty flavours, this gift basket is your ideal fit. It has crispbreads flavoured with cranberry and hazelnut. It also has pistachio nuts tinged with vanilla, and olives, and roasted peanuts.

Talking about the completeness, only a few hampers can compete with this gift basket. Besides the items mentioned above, it has a Kenyan coffee chocolate bar, macadamia with honey nougat, and pudding.

If you shop early, you can embroidered socks with the recipient’s name to go with the gift hamper.

Festive Tea Hamper

Most people begin their celebrations on Christmas Eve. As you wait for the momentous day, you can treat your family and friends to a few cups of tea with gingerbread and snowflakes. As a special treat, the hamper includes a giant gold chocolate coin that you can choose to share or keep for yourself.The Festive Tea Hamper is ideal for families whose members have a sweet tooth.

Martini Cocktail Kit

If you plan to spend your Christmas indoors, you need to make it as fun as possible. This martini cocktail kit brings the bar to your living room, allowing you to reminisce the nights you enjoyed with your friends before lockdown. It contains a stylish matte black cocktail set, a bottle of vodka, bottle vermouth, olives and luxury martini glasses.

The Martini Cocktail Kit is the best gift for friends who enjoy mixology and making cocktails.

Chocolate Treats Gift Box

Is your recipient a fan of chocolate? If so, you can brighten up their Christmas by getting this letterbox that contains an assortment of cocoa products. This hamper includes honeycomb shards, two chocolate bars, caramel chocolate and nut mix, and a chocolate traybake.

Alcohol-Free Feast

You don’t have to include alcohol in your Christmas gift basket. This product is the best choice if you are looking to gift a person who doesn’t take liquor. It contains a variety of sweet treats, mouthwatering snacks and tasty drinks that your recipient will enjoy.

If you like savouries, you will lick your fingers at the taste of roasted peanuts, chilli and garlic biscuits, and marinated olives. For those with a sweet tooth, you can eat an assortment of chocolates, almonds and hazelnut.


The desire to purchase the perfect gift for your loved ones can leave you confused and spoilt for choice. However, do not overthink it. Your goal should be getting something that suits the personality of your recipient.

Lastly, ensure that you start shopping early. This gives you the time to research the market for the best deals. It also reduces the chance of purchasing a defective product.

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