Cloud based computer vision startup – Scape Technologies raises $8M

by megan jones in News on 10th January 2019

Scape Technologies is a Computer vision startup mainly focuses on building a Cloud-based Vision engine which allows cameras to understand and sense the environment. It was co-founded by Edward Miller, Huub Heijnen in 2016, first in London and then spread across the European Union. The main motto behind the establishment is to unify Human-Machine understanding through connecting the digital and physical world. Instead of depending on 3D maps Built and Stored locally, Scape Technologies vision engine builds and also references 3D Maps in a cloud, which in turn allow devices to pierce into a ‘Shared Understanding’ of an Environment. Initially focused on AR, Scape Technologies 1st product was an SDK that supports AR content to get anchored to some specific locations, Outside and at the unprecedented scale.

Funds raised – Venture round

Recently, in the venture round of funding, Scape technology has raised $8M with LocalGlobe, Fly Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Mosaic Ventures as the investors. As per Edward Miller, the CEO, and co-founder of Scape, the newly raised funds will be utilized for enhancing the company’s mission to Build a new class of infrastructure, To allow the computers to interpret safely and to navigate the World, by using only a Camera. He also stated that, Since there is a huge hype in the Augmented Reality space at this moment, Scape is working for past 2 years and taking time to ensure that the technology is Accurate, Robust and Scalable.

SpaceKit – Scape’s SDK

Scape Technologies SDK is known as ‘ScapeKit’. It mainly helps in the exactly locating the mobile devices outdoor, and allowing to set up the AR content in those geographic locations. ScapeKit is available currently in Alpha, User has to obtain the access to operate for their devices.

1.Designed for Large Scale AR
When compared to the other SDK’s presently available for AR, SpaceKit – Scape’s SDK is the only thing which provides recognition of outdoor at a city scale, so that one can be able to lock content accurately across the city.
2.Visual positioning service

ScapeKit provides data of Orientation in Geographical coordinates and Hyper-Accurate location just like any camera-enabled compass and GPS. In other terms, it’s a Geo-referenced device.
3.Cross-Platform Compatibility
ScapeKit supports ARCore and ARKit compatible devices, by providing precise Geo-Location for both iOS and Android.

Technology Specifications of Scape

  • Fundamentally different
    Vision Engine is the heart of Scape technologies which helps in building and reference 3D Maps in the Cloud and also allowing the devices to penetrate into the world around.
  • Input
    The built-in technology of Vision Engine works such that it can process images from many sources and results in representing them in 3D form.

  • Localization
    Once a 3D Map is created by Vision Engine, the ‘VPS’ (visual positioning service) defines the definite position of the camera devices in the Cloud. This, in turn, allows the organization to achieve greater scalability and better performance compared to all other approaches. In short, it acts as a server-side camera used for localization.
  • Scalability
    As of now, almost all the 3D Reconstruction pipelines currently functioning have certain limitations regards to memory detentions of the used machine. Whereas Vision engine is capable of scaling horizontally to multiple servers based on the user’s demand and also can support huge areas like the entire city coverage.


With the advent of AR in the global world, many tools and process have a great place to change the whole system. Among all the newly built methodologies Scape Technologies has raised above due to its advance inventions and sure shot solutions to the growing anomalies.

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