Cloud Data Management startup Rubrik raises $261M

by megan jones in News on 19th January 2019

Rubrik is a cloud data management company founded in the year 2014 December by Bipul Sinha, Soham Mazumdar, Arvind Jain, Arvind Nithrakashyap with its headquarters located in Palo Alto, California. Rubrik is a leader in the market today in Cloud Data Management. It is first in the world to orchestrate the data for various hybrid cloud enterprises anywhere, anytime. In order to discover a new approach to old problems, Rubrik combines future-proof Architecture with Consumer-Grade simplicity.

Funding – Series ‘E’

Rubrik has raised $261M in series E funding round with Bain capital ventures as lead investor along with 4 other investors mainly Khosla Ventures, Greylock Partners, Lightspeed venture partners, Institutional venture partners. With the inclusion of series E, the total funding amounts to $553M. These newly raised funds will be utilized for security and compliance development of the product.

The Journey of Rubrik

Rubrik was built from the most basic to the complete cloud data management solution for Hybrid Cloud Enterprises.

2014: In the month of January, Rubrik was born and in August, it has built cloud-scale file system known as Atlas and the Brains of software fabric known as Cerebro. In the month of November, the first appliance named as Brik is deployed and shipped to the customer.
2015: By the month of August, 2 major products like All-In-One-Backup and cloud Unlimited Replication are released in the time span of 6 months for DR. In December, Mr. Flaky Backup has been launched.
2016: In the month of March, Rubrik has conducted its first Annual Hackathon. In August, the first software appliance called Rubrik Edge was introduced for primitive and branch offices. In December, it has deployed multiple customers with Petabyte-sized environments.
2017: In the month of June, Rubrik was honored for Award-winning Customer Support and it has introduced a CloudOn instantiation and pioneered SQL Live Mount called Rubrik Alta. In August, Kevin Durant has invested in Rubrik and joined as Board Advisor. In the same month, Rubrik is announced as the Best of Show and it is named as the Best of VMworld.In September, it has built alliance partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. In December, Rubik’s APIs are used for Weather-Triggered DR.
2018: In the month of January, a new SaaS-based platform known as Polaris is born.By February, the total number of employees in Rubrik has reached 800+ and a new Headquarter is opened in Amsterdam. In April, Rubrik is expanded in Cork, Ireland with 50+ jobs. And there are many more to come.

Uses of Rubrik for Enterprises

  • Data Protection
    Rubrik simplifies recovery and backup for physical and virtualized environments. It eliminates Backup software by combining catalog management, data orchestration, and Deduplicated Storage into a scale-out, single fabric.
  • Global Management

Polaris GPS has been introduced by Rubrik which is built on a unified system of record. Polaris is an easy to use interface for control and Global Visibility.

  • Cloud Mobility
    With the help of Rubrik, enterprises can unlock cloud for test/dev or DR. It can migrate data To and From the cloud without any vendor lock-in. The various Cloud apps are AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.
  • Self-Service Automation
    By integrating Rubrik to orchestration tools and service catalogs, Automate service Delivery is made easy. Rubrik along with ServiceNow, deliver search, compliance, analytics, test/dev, data protection on demand to Hybrid cloud enterprises by using ServiceNow.
  • Ransomware Recovery
    Security attacks can always happen to enterprises which may cause a terrible impact on them. With Rubrik, the enterprises can bounce back the attacks with deeper intelligence on the impact occurred and threat behavior and recover faster.


The flagship product of Rubrik is cloud data management which is the most trending application in today’s technology. With it’s Cloud Data Management technology, Rubrik has become very crucial for many enterprises like Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Legal, and service delivery partners.


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