Continue your education as an adult and target a new career

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 13th August 2019

Millions of people in the United States continue their education after the period of full-time study at schools and universities through “continuing education”. Whether you are targeting professional or personal progression, programs and activities are abundant if you want to further your education as an adult and possibly target a new job or change of career. The activities include degree credit courses, college remediation, and personal enrichment courses that can all be completed on-site and online.


Why should I continue to learn?

Education should not just be limited to a brief period when you participate in full-time studies as a child and young adult. Continuing your voyage of discovery later in life can be particularly fruitful if you want to keep pace with technological change and improve your skillset for certain jobs, explore new and exciting subjects and topics, keep the mind active and socialize with other students, or feed your creative side. Fortunately, adult education is open to people of all ages and backgrounds and you don’t even need to have graduated from a college or high school.


What are my options?

Adult education courses can be tailored to your lifestyle and schedule. They are available both full and part time and generally run for either two or four years. The courses are available at colleges, technical schools, and business schools, but the great thing about continuing education is the breadth and scale of providers. For example, you can find courses at job training centers, museums and private institutes and organizations. If you are eager to learn new skills, check with local authorities to see the types of programs currently being run.


Private college

Private institutions such as Bryan & Stratton College offer associate degree programs and bachelor degree programs at their campuses in Buffalo, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. However, if you want to further your education while holding down a job, you can also complete a course online. To register your interest or to find out more about their outcomes-based education and training, navigate to Bryant and Stratton via Twitter. If you are looking for a better career, this renowned college will guide you through a flexible and contemporary curriculum in an environment in which you are comfortable.


High school diplomas

Adults looking to further their education may also want to enroll in the General Education Development (GED) program which provides a high-school equivalent diploma. The Graduation Equivalency Diploma can open up a range of new career options and job roles to people who were unable to earn the right grades at school. The GED, which covers science, writing, social studies, literature, math and arts, also provides a platform for anyone aiming to continue education at a college or university or to enter career-specific programs. You can find your local testing center by browsing the American Council on Education (ACE) website.


Trade schools

Once you have earned your GED, you could then go to one of the 4,000 trade schools open across the United States. These schools provide comprehensive training and education for scores of potential lucrative occupations in industries such as aviation and health, where you could, for example, become an X-ray technician. When looking for trade schools, make sure they are state-licensed and are either regionally or nationally accredited by a relevant agency. A US Department of Education stamp of approval will give you the peace of mind that your continuing education will support your career.


Further education

You might also want to target further education at a university, where millions of adult students attend courses every year. The courses differ greatly and can range from short and intensive programs to long-term job-related learnings. Popular careers for further education include business admin, physical education and psychology but there are a myriad of options available and there is sure to be the right one for you if want to improve your education in the coming months or years. You won’t have to hit a minimum requirement for courses either to complete education in successive terms.


Helping hand

The federal government could support your journey towards basic further education by covering the costs. This is a great option if you failed to acquire high school level achievement or grades when you were a child. You can also partake in further education in languages other than English, such as Spanish, for example. Whatever your ambitions or goals, there are several affordable options for you to improve your education as an adult.

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