Courier Services: Getting to Know the Various Types of Delivery Vehicles

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 9th March 2022

Delivery of various items is now a typical scenario you can see anywhere. The modern age has given many people an opportunity to do online shopping. As a result, they can get what they want in just a few clicks. Aside from purchased parcels, courier services help someone send packages to any location within their scope. An individual or other business entity works with courier service providers, either delivering locally or abroad.

One of the assets you need to secure in this line of business is the delivery vehicle. However, the type of automobile you should invest in depends on what packages you deliver. You can see details in this post about the vehicle types you might need to use for your courier service business. Generally, you can use them for drop-offs and pick-ups.

Walk-in Trucks

This truck is one of the common vehicles used for delivery. Its height allows an average person to walk inside it. Aside from that, its considerable height provides an ample amount of space to store parcels. Given this point, using this vehicle type allows you to deliver many packages.

Cargo Vans

The built of these vans are smaller than walk-in trucks. They are excellent at taking a low volume of parcels. Apart from that, courier companies often use them in exclusive delivery services.

Box Trucks

These trucks have a square shape and are shorter than walk-in trucks. Companies often use them for regional deliveries and moving services. Additionally, it consists of a cargo space enclosed area to carry the parcels for delivery.


Even motorcycles are also capable of delivering various items. These vehicles often take small and light parcels. In this case, companies choose this vehicle type to send several packages more quickly.

Temperature-controlled Vans

Some items require a controlled temperature to keep them in good condition. Flowers, chilled goods, or medical supplies are a few examples needing a controlled temperature, so a temperature-controlled vehicle is necessary.


Jeeps are excellent for off-road deliveries. You can use them to send packages to hard-to-reach areas or rural places. However, they are usually small, which means they can only carry lesser cargo.

Other Delivery Vehicle Options

Aside from the land vehicles mentioned above, some courier businesses also use boats and planes to deliver packages to different countries worldwide. Both have their pros and cons, but what matters is the need to send the parcel to its destination. Given this point, courier companies choose the delivery vehicle based on the size and time the package has to arrive at its target place.

The delivery vehicle type varies based on the parcel to deliver. In this case, the size and quantity are also factors in choosing the right type to bring the packages to their destinations. Given this point, you have to review which vehicles to invest in for your business.

Common Packages to Deliver

Many courier companies are already available, and they deliver various parcels. Here are a few items that your business may include in your list of delivery packages if you plan to enter this field:

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are critical items you should deliver on time and proper handling. You may need to bring them to the hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, and any other place that requires them.

Consumer Items

People also acquire courier services for their items. For instance, an overseas worker sends a balikbayan box to their family, and a courier service ensures their package reaches their home.


Another item that a courier delivers is furniture. Online furniture shops are all over the Internet, and many people choose to order from them instead of actual stores. In this case, you need to invest in the right vehicles to carry tons of furniture loads.

Pallet Shipments

These items are for large businesses or warehouses. These may include large quantities of grocery products, medical supplies, and other goods. In some cases, courier companies offer warehouses that their clients can use to keep track of shipments.


You can also deliver documents, such as legal, financial, or even mails. Most government agencies are the typical areas that use couriers to send important files and paperwork.

Generally, you deliver various items to clients, and they can be companies or individual people. In this case, you only have to ensure you have the right vehicle to use to deliver their packages in good conditions. It is best to research and plan your business well before operating, including vehicle maintenance. As a result, you will get a high chance of doing the right thing for your courier company.

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