Coworking in Auckland: A Guide to Kiwi Coworking

by Josh Biggs in Business on 26th September 2018

Auckland is one of those places that will naturally be a draw for everyone because the city is large enough to support a robust economy but small enough to leave people with the feeling they are living in a quaint city. Auckland’s economic landscape is on the upturn, and most of this is driven by the retail sector. As a result, job growth in the city has increased, but more specifically, the city is seeing a rise in highly-skilled workers.

This attractiveness can be directly seen in the commercial real estate landscape, more specifically in the rise of coworking spaces. Coworking Auckland has doubled in the last couple of years, according to Bayleys, because of its flexible leasing options and focus on productivity. Professionals and businesses, alike, are attracted to the diverse array of coworking spaces that the city offers.

Keep reading to learn more about coworking in Auckland and how this flexible office solution could be just what you’ve been looking for.

The Right Location

In the past, your average business person had to get close enough to the CBD to benefit from the resources and the traffic found in the area. However, your coworking space in Auckland can possibly place your business on Quay Street, which is near major financial centres, expensive boutiques, popular dining establishments and the mall. Proximity is extremely important for businesses who have to be near the downtown for business interests, for proximity to clients, and be in an area where location drives foot traffic. Many of Auckland’s coworking spaces have made downtown office space more affordable and accessible to SMEs in the city.

Joining The Office Community

Those who decide to adopt the coworking format must know you are not only leasing space but you are also joining a community. In fact, each and every one of Auckland’s co-working spaces has a uniqueness to them, and this is basically determined by the people who not only run the space but those who use the coworking space as well. Some spaces are focused on one particular industry and some drive a particular mission, but they are all very different from one another.

Furthermore, Auckland professionals benefit from an environment that is conducive to networking and collaborating. Primarily because of the way in which the office is organised, professionals are primed for conversation and social interaction. Also, the better co-working spaces make the effort to hold both formal networking events and social engagements to galvanise the coworking community.

Building A Platform For Success

Coworking Auckland can help your business build a foundation for success in the coworking community and in the business community. Much of this begins in the office with networking. In a co-working space, it is common to find professional across industries engaged in work with each other and individually. For the ambitious, the coworking environment can bring them to a crossroads between creativity and innovation and industry and fortune.

The collaboration sits in the middle of the crossroads and is the key to catapulting your business to new heights. By working with others in the co-working space, professionals get the benefit of meeting new, seasoned professionals, getting and giving referrals, and learning about other industries. More significantly, you get to show off your expertise and raise your business’s expertise. Ultimately, your co-working space in Auckland can help you get the type and amount of business you need for success.

Auckland On The Rise

Auckland’s thriving business scene is the place to be in New Zealand. The buzz around retail and other industries is making the city one of the most exciting ones to watch, and for those who live and work in the city, a great place to be. For businesses and professionals, Auckland’s coworking space only adds to the hype of a city on the verge of international success.




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