Creating Mobile Optimized Logo Design is new normal – know why

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 27th October 2020

Before the advent of digital and social media, the relationship between consumers and brands was simplistic. Consumers had straightforward liking or disliking of brands. They had their own favorite brands and followed them ardently. But digital media especially changed that relationship forever. Social media made this relationship even more complicated and insecure. 

Now, brands are finding it increasingly harder to keep customers from migrating to competitors. Their one of the concerns is about holding attention of smartphone users and compelling them to shop online. In doing so, a major requirement is that a company logo is user friendly for people who use mobile phones for searching and shopping. 

Now, if your brand aspires to transform the relationship between your target customers and brand, then you need to interact with them in real time. In other words, the presence of your business on mobile phones is extremely important. You have to explore different channels including messaging apps, websites, video platforms and digital publications, with each one of them having their own standards. This implies that when designing your logo, keep in mind that static logo is no more useful for a greater brand identity. You must pay heed to creating logos that are flexible designs, which are equally impressive on static platforms as well as on mobile phones and social channels. 

Therefore, a right approach to creating your company’s logo design will be to give it a visual identity that is user-friendly on mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets. Here are some tips you must pay heed to:

1.Define Your Brand

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the attitudes and values your brand stands for. Know also about the challenges and opportunities your company wishes to take on in the future. You and your logo designer also should know your inspirations in the niche market clearly. Remember this legendary logo designer Paul Rand’s quote: “A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like.” Attitudes This will be helpful in success of your logo design. 

2.Create Flexible Design

Even while your focus is on creating logos for mobile phone users, do not think that there is no need to be flexible. You should be evaluating your logo design for its usability for new digital touch-points and channels. Remember that a new range of digital channels are being launched  regularly. Moreover, customers today like to personalize logos for promotion and own use. So, keep such challenges in mind and ensure that your logo is a flexible design. 

3.Send a Brand Message

Your logo design appearing on mobile devices must hold a message for the target audience. Take for example, the Amazon logo; this logo has an arrow in smile shape and connects letter a to z in the logo. This gives the message that the ecommerce giant sells everything you need. One such message incorporated using colors, typefaces etc elements goes a long way in building a brand identity. Nowadays people do research about brands and want to create logos on their own. and to help them technology comes ahead and with the help of AI powered tools such as Designhill logo maker, business owners are creating logos on their own but befor creating one has to take care of message conveying along with colors.

4.Optimize for Mobile Devices

A majority of your target customers are shopping online from mobile phones. Therefore, your mobile brand strategy must consider creating logos that are optimized for mobile devices. Many logo designers make the mistake of treating mobile platforms as merely a delivery system. Instead, they should treat these as platforms where customers are having daily experiences. Your brand needs to consider this user experience across a wide range of mobile phone screens sizes and make sure that your logo appears perfect on all such screens.

5.Make it Scalable

One of the characteristics of great logos is that they all look equally impressive in different sizes. Such logos do not lose sense of proportion when displayed on a larger scale on billboards or reduced to the smallest of sizes on business cards. Similarly, mobile screens also vary in sizes. Make sure that your mobile optimized logo design looks great on the smallest sizes of mobile phone screens and even on watch screens. Remember that even watches are also devices now for getting information and shopping using the internet. 

These are not the sole tips you will get for creating mobile friendly logo designs. But these are basic and crucial considerations you must be making for designing a flexible logo that looks great on different mobile screens. 

What is your experience as a logo designer or business owner in having one such logo design? You can share it here for the benefit of your readers. 

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