Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies to Know About in 2021

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 1st January 2021

Goodbye to 2020!!!

It’s no surprise the global pandemic had a huge impact on everyone. The pandemic outbreak has forced the shut down of a few businesses. There are many reasons such as employee health concerns, less supply chain and more. With the advancement in technology, many entrepreneurs are running a profitable business during the global pandemic.

But how?

The secret of running a profitable business is following “Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies”. Digital marketing is an effective and valuable asset to grow businesses.

Why invest in digital marketing?

Your business products or services cannot promote themselves. If your ultimate goal is to improve brand awareness and generate leads, you need to invest time and money on digital marketing. Every dollar you spend in digital marketing strategy ensures to get better revenue. There are several reasons for a business to invest in digital marketing such as

  • Improved ranking on search engines
  • Increase traffic
  • Link building
  • Generate sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Enhance customer engagement

The list goes on and on…

Hope you’ve understood the importance of digital marketing trends and strategies. If you’re looking for the right place to get started in 2021, you need to check out the following 

Best Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2021

Artificial intelligence

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is transforming the future of digital marketing. Many people are growing their business by using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been implemented in multiple ways – email personalization to marketing. AI has the ability to improve communication, collect information, analyze, track operation and provide valuable insights. As a result, artificial intelligence is reducing human work.

A few decades ago, digital marketers didn’t show much interest to implement artificial intelligence to their digital marketing techniques. Currently, most of the popular brands such as Amazon and Spotify implement artificial intelligence to display relevant products or recommend services according to the customer’s previous purchases, browsing history and views. AI has become a valuable tool for digital marketers in 2021.


Chatbots are called conversational agents. These are digital assistants that can easily understand a person’s capabilities. Many businesses are deploying the chatbots in multiple ways such as voice, text and more.

Chatbots will continuously grow its popularity in 2021. Chatbots are everywhere, they’re on Facebook messengers, product suggestions, customer support, scheduling a meeting, sending money and more.

With the improvement in artificial intelligence, chatbots are a computer program that assists users, they are responsible to process the request and give an instant response. Many customers are showing interest in chatbots. Because they offer an instant response, provide accurate answers, never ever lose patience. These chatbots offer excellent customer support and reach the expectations of the customers allowing businesses to concentrate on other important work. These days, chatbots are more useful, smarter and responsive. It’s said that chatbots will be even more popular in the future.


Want to stand out from the crowd in 2021? Yes!!! You should personalize your digital marketing. Simply put, you need to generate personalized content, emails, ads, products and more. According to the analysis, more than 80% of customers prefer to buy personalized products. Personalized marketing is a powerful tool when implemented in the right way. Many marketers are following this strategy from the past few years to improve digital marketing efforts.

Customer is KING. If you want to win the customer’s heart, turn your heads towards personalization. Customers love personalizing, they feel happy when they see their name or when someone tags them on social media and wishes them on their birthday or anniversary. 

With advanced technology such as artificial intelligence combined with customer’s data collection from websites, social media and others have made it easier to personalize, ranging from product recommendation to sending birthday wishes.

Featured snippets

Search engine optimization is important!!! While advertising, guest posting and social media generate traffic, the majority of the organic traffic is generated by search engines. SEO is an excellent marketing tool when implemented correctly.

Search engine optimization will continue to grow as the digital marketing trend continues in 2021, but marketers have seen few major shifts in SEO in the past few years. For example, AI SEO has become increasingly popular due to it’s easy usability. With the increased number of mobile users and audio searches every day, people are often changing the way they use search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Being at top positions on the search engine ranking page is no longer necessary for businesses. A featured snippet is popularly known as “Concise Summary” that appears on the top positions on search engines when users search a question. The featured snippet will be shown below the advertisements. There are four types of featured snippets in digital marketing such as text video, list and table.

The featured snippet allows digital marketers a chance to improve brand awareness, traffic and conversion to the website. Invest your time on featured snippets, the ultimate aim of featured snippets is to answer the customer’s question instantly. This way you are saving the customer time of clicking every link for the answers. Being featured is important to increase brand exposure and conversions in search results.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the excellent digital marketing trend today and for the coming years as well. According to the analysis, over 72% of consumers say that video marketing has increased conversions. More than 90% of customers say video helps while purchasing decisions. 

There are several reasons why digital marketers choose video marketing in 2021. Craft the video correctly and attract a wider audience. Because video allows customers a personal connection while watching. Video marketing enables businesses the opportunity to showcase their business products and services while integrating music, graphics and more.

Get your video transcribed. Customers prefer reading subtitles while watching the video. Don’t stop your thinking just on YouTube, there are hundreds of ways to increase customer engagement and improve conversions with video marketing. Publish the video on your website, blog, social channels and other platforms for better engagement.

If you’re running a health care industry, creating and promoting health-related videos can be a daunting task for you. No more worries!!! Visit, the firm is offering excellent services such as creating engaging videos, building brand credibility, raising your business, improving reach and more.

Interactive content

Small and large brands are producing quality and interactive content. Over 97% of content marketers believe interactive content will drive positive results. Creating quality content and actively engaging with customers is not an easy task. Therefore interactive content has been introduced. It’s said that interactive content will improve customer engagement and better revenue.

Interactive content is an excellent digital marketing trend and strategy that has been around for a decade, but currently, this trend is identified as excellent practice in 2021. Interactive content can be anything such as storytelling, embedded calculators, puzzles, survey, quiz, polls and more. These types of content can make wonders. Simply put interactive content will improve the user experience and engagement.

According to research, more than 91% of customers search for interactive content. Customers may like unique and original content, but interactive content will make them feel connected to business during the buying process. Interactive content is memorable, appealing, engaging and more likely to drive better results.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been a buzzword for a decade. It’s a kind of word-of-mouth digital marketing trend that enables celebrities to promote your brand to a larger audience.

Influencer marketing strategy involves a business collaboration with the popular influencers in the niche. These influencers will promote brand products or services to a wider audience. A young person doesn’t show much interest in banners or display advertisements rather they respond to influencer marketing. Making a switch can be a wise decision in 2021.

An influencer can be anyone that has a good amount of followers and subscribers. They can be professional photographers or expert cybersecurity agents. There are thousands of influencers in every industry, all you need to do is spend time to find them. Keep a note, influencer marketing is a slow-and-steady strategy as SEO and content marketing.

Wrapping up

2020 was a nightmare. Many businesses, digital marketers and others are stumbling to survive the global pandemic outbreak. Digital marketing has become a powerful tool for small and large businesses during the global pandemic. While the digital revolution has almost changed people’s lives, businesses are exponentially growing through digital marketing. This could be because of chatbots or video marketing, businesses are doing a great job to grow their revenue. Digital marketing strategies and trends could be excellent tools to stay top of your customer’s mind.

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