Discover the Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 2nd February 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the retail scene as shoppers developed new purchasing habits, and brands also had to cope with higher expectations. 

Digital marketing swooped in to save the day with virtual shopping platforms that replaced face-to-face transactions and brought about a new reality. 

As technologies continue to evolve, we can expect new trends, behaviors, and digital marketing activities.

What can we expect in 2021? 

How can marketers connect with customers and retain them? What are the best brands to direct your investment? Will content still be at the forefront, or are things going to change?

Our predictions for digital marketing in 2021 will help you plan and strategize based on the new trends. If you are a digitally savvy marketer, get in here!

  • Smart bidding will gain popularity

We have had automated bidding for Google Ads for a long time, and many persons embrace it because of the ease. The machine handles most of the work for you, and the volume alongside the price is favorable.

Amidst the trending automated bidding, smart bidding has appeared at the forefront, although many marketers haven’t paid attention.

Due to its smaller audience targeting and minute budget control, smart bidding hasn’t been a favorite of many. However, Google is improving smart bidding and redefining its algorithm to gain more popularity and serve more functions.

  • More companies will carry out Adjacent search

SEO is crucial for digital marketing, but there is more to brand success. Many companies work to get their websites to appear as high as they can in search results. However, this step shouldn’t be the ultimate.

Let us understand how customers run online searches.

 About 70 or 80 percent of customers conduct proper company research online before working with them. 

After ranking yourself using keywords, you also need to consider other searches adjacent to your main business. Many businesses will employ experts to make their search profile more rounded in 2021.

  • Video Content is the new King

Digital marketing only thrives with good quality content, which has been a common strategy for years. However, the trends are changing as people are now focusing more on videos than blogs.

While YouTube, TikTok, and other video platforms come with embedded advertisements, video content is fast becoming the ultimate digital marketing platform. 

Whether long, short, live videos, comedy, or animations, people are lapping up video content passionately. A wise digital marketer will begin to create video content that represents their brand positively. The video-hungry audience is already available. The knowledge how to quickly create videos for marketing will be more valuable. 

  • Higher Content Interactivity

Websites and social media accounts will thrive better when marketers add interactive content and other elements. One of the leading online marketer for paving companies, Paver launch which is offering facebook ads for paving companies said that the customers will engage with brands and learn about their services through those interactive and valuable elements on their websites. Cloth vendors can have body shape guides and calculators to offer value to prospective customers.

You can target more customers with interactive and helpful elements such as calculators, timers, and date-checkers, depending on your business.

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