Does USPS Deliver On Sundays? 7 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Shipping

by Josh Biggs in Business on 30th July 2021

For businesses that deliver items from local to international customers, it’s crucial for them to send out packages any day, even on weekends. Customer satisfaction will increase when customers can receive the items they ordered immediately. But as many businesses are still not aware, there’s an old question as to whether USPS is operational on weekends.

The following are facts that businesses must know about the USPS courier services. 

  1. Does USPS Deliver On Saturdays? 

The short and definite answer to this question is: Yes. 

USPS has opened up the weekends due to the increase of mail. You can send out parcels, packages, standard mail, and anything else that has been dropped off at the post office. But as a business that ships items to customers, you need to choose the right service. USPS has specific services that are only available during weekends. 

The USPS will deliver mail depending on your location in the United States, the type of service you chose for shipping, and the distance of the warehouse. Couriers can deliver mail in one to three business days as long as the location is within the United States. The starting price is typically USD$6.65. 

International shipping may take longer, from six to ten business days. Service options such as Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express may also offer free pick-ups with insurance coverage. 

  1. How About Sundays?

Yes. USPS also delivers mails and packages on Sundays and there are only two services available. You will need to pay extra for Priority Mail Express shipping, also known as USPS Overnight. The other one is dedicated to Amazon packages. USPS also delivers to P.O. boxes, Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), and Army Post Offices (APOs) that other couriers cannot compete with. 

 Another advantage of USPS compared to other courier services is that they can reach every address in the United States. It’s no surprise that other carriers tend to partner with USPS to make the delivery process easier and more affordable. 

The courier delivery hours on weekends, such as Sundays, guarantees that Priority Mail Express shipping will get your package delivered by 10:30 in the morning. USPS doesn’t have a fixed time on other available services, but if the customers want their parcel to be delivered right away, they would do so before lunch break. 

  1. What Are The Available USPS Carrier Services On Weekends?

USPS is offering the following: Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First Class Mail, and USPS Retail Ground.

  • Priority Mail – This is the most popular and quickest service that offers delivery of up to three days, but only available on Saturdays. It’s affordable and convenient because customers can enjoy tracking, insurance, and flat-rate boxes for free. They also deliver to residential and commercial addresses, but do not provide any guarantees on these deliveries. 
  • Priority Mail Express – USPS offers this service both on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. It’s available with a money-back guarantee and can deliver to most US addresses and P.O. boxes to residential and commercial options. 
  • First Class Mail – This service is non-guaranteed, and if delivery proceeds, will take up to three days. Mail carriers first deliver Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express before First Class. It’s available for both residential and commercial options. 
  • USPS Retail Ground – It’s an affordable option compared to First Class. USPS will deliver in most states except in Hawaii, Alaska, and other territories.
  1. Are There Other Services For Sunday Deliveries?

USPS Priority Mail Express includes various features for the convenience of the customers. The courier guarantees the delivery time, but you are also given the option to apply for a refund. The features include tracking for packages, free packaging, insurance of up to USD$100, signature confirmation, and free pickups that you can arrange online. 

Such features can help you save money when you choose this kind of service. If you’re applying the best practices for your eCommerce store and are offering free shipping to your customers, you’d want to know your available options when it comes to delivery services. 

  1. Can You Pick Up Packages At USPS?

The USPS values itself for the services it can offer to the customers and for 45 years, has been continuing to deliver mail and packages all across the United States. Just like other couriers, it’s also offering pickup and you can do so even before the scheduled delivery time. But you must realize that you may need to have a valid reason for doing so. USPS sees it as an opportunity to ship seven days a week to remain competitive. Holidays are peak seasons for pickups by customers.

If the customer is using a P.O. Box, a tracking feature will be arranged for such a purpose. The USPS Package Intercept Program is also offering the choice to redirect undelivered or unreleased delivery. The service applies to flats, letters, and packages as long as they also include barcodes for tracking. 

  1. Are There Any Special Services For Businesses?

USPS understands that businesses need to ship orders to customers in the fastest and most affordable ways possible. USPS is offering a service called Priority Mail Express Open & Distribute. The courier will expedite packages and bulk mails using a dedicated container provided by USPS to the location authorized by the company. One can say that it is the hub of USPS mails and packages. 

Mails and packages will have barcodes to help track delivery efforts. They will also calculate the price, depending on the weight and location, to ensure that the delivery of the package is given a fair price. 

  1. Are There Other Important Information I Should Know? 

As additional information, you can purchase more insurance for weekend delivery services depending on the weight of the package. You have the choice to buy it from USPS or Easyship that offers up to USD$5,000. 

The post office also has a schedule to maintain just like any other business. They mostly close from five to six in the evening. Packages that were able to make it to the trucks before closing time will be delivered right away, especially if you’ve chosen USPS Overnight service. You may arrange for your preferred schedule of delivery so that your package gets shipped out that night. Call your local post office to find out more about their cut-off times. 


Businesses can rely on USPS to deliver packages both on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s only a matter of choosing the right service for the type of delivery you want. You may also make deals with USPS if you own a business to make the most of their services.  

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