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Does Your Business Need Address Validation Services?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 8th May 2019

How much money do you lose on sending products to wrong addresses? If you aren’t keeping track of such occurrences, you don’t have a clear picture of how well your business is doing.

Companies that don’t take advantage of address validation services aren’t reaching their fullest potential. Losing profits due to ignorance is more upsetting than doing it accidentally.

Today, special software exists to take care of address validation in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is use it.

Below are the signs your business needs address validation services today.

1.  You Want To Cut Marketing Costs

Do you send marketing materials to potential and existing customers? While digital marketing is pushing regular marketing techniques out of the picture, brochures and paper marketing materials are still highly useful.

When you send marketing materials to the wrong address, you are wasting the company’s money. If the mail is undeliverable and gets back to you, you can mail it again. If it goes to someone else’s address, you get an unhappy receiver and lose a potential client.

A program breaks the address down into components, such as zip code, city, and country, and checks them separately.

2.  You Send Products To Clients

Do you send products to clients on a regular basis? Then you can’t work without an address validation service.

Clients and customers often make mistakes when sharing their postal addresses. A tiny error when typing zip code or apartment number can render the parcel undeliverable.  As a result, you don’t just waste money on a useless shipment, you lost the clients’ trust.

An address validator can check the address before you ship the products to ensure that it’s valid. Programs, such as Byteplant, fix minor errors and let you know which addresses need to be double-checked.

3.  You Send Too Many Undeliverable Mails

When you keep getting the “undelivered mail” notice, it can be frustrating. The reasons why the address may be invalid are:

  • Fake address – the client made up the address to get a freebie from your website.
  • Incorrect address – the client made a mistake when typing the address or spelling it out over the phone.
  • Unoccupied address – you are sending the mail to a new or vacant building.
  • Non-registered address – you are sending mail to people, who don’t want to receive mail.

If the address is valid, it’s listed in the USPS databases. The address validator works with different databases to check the validity of the address and make sure your mail is delivered.

4.  You Aren’t Sure Your Mailing List Is Clean

You may have been creating your mailing list for decades. As time passes, people change addresses, leave town or don’t want to get mail from you anymore. If you keep sending your promotional materials using old addresses, you are unlikely to achieve your marketing goals.

An address validator maintains your mailing list hygiene by allowing you to run checks on a regular basis.

5.  You Want To Improve Customer Service

Sending follow-ups to your existing customers is highly important. After all, the probability of selling products to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent, which is much higher than for potential customers.

That’s why making sure that the letter or parcel reaches its destination safely is vital to your reputation. If you want to keep the customer service excellent, you need to send your mail to the right addresses.

An address validator makes sure you know when the addresses of existing clients aren’t valid anymore.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if your business sends mail, it needs an address validator. Otherwise, extra costs and unhappy clients are guaranteed.

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