Do’s and Don’ts Of Choosing An Ecommerce Agency

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 5th June 2021

Due to the benefits of outsourcing marketing campaigns to third-party ecommerce agencies, many businesses have shifted to this approach. But what are the things that you should or shouldn’t do when choosing to work with them?

If you choose to outsource your campaigns to a marketing agency, you’re basically handing over the creative, technical, and strategic control of your advertising and marketing campaigns. Hence, your business’s success hinges on selecting the right digital agency since they’re the ones who will try to attract, retain, and communicate with leads or customers. 

The Do’s Of Choosing An Ecommerce Agency

Before engaging with an agency, you should be familiar with their processes, background, strengths, and weaknesses. Finding the right ecommerce agency is essential if you intend to meet your business goals. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Work With Professional People Who Are Easy To Get Along With 

In the process of creating a new site, devising marketing campaigns, or availing any digital services, you will need to communicate effectively with your agency. Open communication is how you can make sure that your agency knows what goals and results you’re expecting. 

So, even though you don’t have to be friends, it is helpful if both of you feel like you will be able to communicate well. Before you get started, contact the project manager and be sure you know who you will be working with. Both of you need to have a common ground where a solid understanding is going to be built. 

  1. Consider A Team With Experience 

Experience is the most crucial factor to consider when you’re hiring an ecommerce agency. A company’s length of experience in the industry can help you confirm its credibility and determine whether you should partner with them. In your evaluation of agencies, it’s recommended that you pay attention to technical experience. Among the most relevant factors, this may be one of the most important ones.  

Digital marketing relies heavily on technology. It is therefore wise to seek out agencies who have worked with your desired platforms before. You need to hire an agency that possesses specialized skills which would benefit your business, rather than hire someone who is a jack of all trades but might be lacking knowledge in your field. 

  1. Check Out Reviews And Their Past Projects 

You pay an agency a lot of money to boost your site. Money should not be wasted, nor should the whole experience give you stress and worries. To make sure you are working with a trustworthy digital marketing agency make sure to review their track record. You can do this by asking for samples or reports from their past projects or going over their portfolio.

You can also find out what other people have said about them on third-party review sites. You should watch how they deal with negative feedback. Are they respectful towards their clients? Are they helpful in resolving issues? These are some questions you need to find answers to when searching for their brand image. 

The Don’ts Of Choosing An Ecommerce Agency

Now that you know what to do when you’re looking for an ecommerce agency to partner with, here’s what you must avoid doing at all costs:

  1. Don’t Rush Everything 

If you already found an agency, and you think you aren’t getting enough results from them, then you might just need to wait. Give the agency at least three months to test out their strategies and programs. New marketing campaigns are more likely to succeed if given enough time. It’s an integral part of most campaigns to test and optimize. For this reason, many reliable agencies require that the results of a project must be reviewed after three to six months.  

In most cases, switching to another agency to start new campaigns after a 30-day trial might seem like the best solution, but this leads to wasted time and money on your end. Tests are usually allowed to run for 90 days at the minimum. This provides you with the right amount of data you need to decide whether or not to change the campaign. 

  1. Don’t Be Scared To Ask 

It’s okay not to understand certain concepts in the project, especially if they’re too technical to understand. Internet marketing is something even the most seasoned entrepreneurs aren’t entirely familiar with. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your point of contact when you have questions about specific processes. 

  1. Don’t Micromanage 

There is no need to breathe down someone’s neck because you hired them for a purpose. Instead, what you can do is that, before the project begins, you need to agree on what you would like to be reported and know what channels you would like to use. This includes establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and identifying facts and progress to be reported on a monthly or weekly basis.

Final Word

Finding an ecommerce agency that understands your vision and business goals is not that easy. While many agencies offer top-notch services and strategies that can help your business, being able to work with them seamlessly could be a challenge if you tend to rush things. Therefore, keep the do’s and don’ts mentioned above in mind before choosing to partner with an ecommerce agency for your business.

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