Drayage Trucking Industry ‘Dray Alliance’ raises $3.5M in Seed round

by megan jones in News on 27th February 2019

Dray Alliance – On demand container delivery service was founded by Hank Cui and Steve Wen in the year 2017 with its headquarters located in Los Angeles, US. It is agitating the way Multi-Billion dollar drayage trucking industry operates with its technology platform which makes the deliveries to warehouses in predictable, transparent, and simple ways. Dray Alliance connects to the shippers, truckers, and carriers in real time by eliminating the friction in each and every step of the delivery process. It is a container drayage trucking service company powered by the technology which drives transparency, connectivity, and reliability for containerized freight. Essentially it deals with the Import and Export shippers.

Funding – Seed Round

Recently, in the seed round of funding, Dray Alliance has raised $3.5M with Craft Ventures as the lead investor and participation from other investors like Wonder Ventures, Act One Ventures, William Barnes, and Josh Mohrer. With the previous seed round and angel round of funding, Dray Alliance has raised a total of $4.9M. These fresh funds will be utilized in transforming the industry in more Digitized manner.

Features of Dray Alliance

The Delivery is market-based, guaranteed, and upfront. Dray Alliance is AI enabled which provides the rate quotes for drayage and intermodal for import and export shippers and freight forwarders. It has access to any number of drayage trucking companies and thousands of drivers in Long Beach and Los Angeles. It follows the Industry-leading service levels. Dray Alliance will be available as long as the Ports and Intermodal terminals are open.
It is Efficient, synchronized, and simple. It has the smart container freight matching service which helps to reduce any empty runs and to increase the intermodal transportation efficiency. It has the relevance matching algorithms which are followed to bundle any container orders with its best drivers. It is integrated with the existing tools like APIs, EDI drayage software, TMS, etc in order to encourage synchronization across the supply chain.
It tracks the real-time visibility on all of its shipments with GPS-triggered status alerts with higher ETA accuracy and helps the shippers to plan container drayage.

How Does Dray Alliance work

Get Quote: With its advanced AI, it provides reliable draymen with decent pricing.
Create Order: The quotation is received by email. All that needs to be done is to rely on the email to create the order.
After Order: After placing the order, all the important notifications like arrival time and status are received.
Payment: Invoice is delivered once the order is completed.

Advantages of using Dray Alliance

Dray Alliance is the best contact for import and export which meets the service level and capacity. Containers can be expected to be delivered reliably with good visibility.

  1. The Procurement process is simplified since it uses the pricing model with AI algorithms which reduces the haggling by normalizing the drayage rates.
  2. It conducts on-site inspections randomly by considering the performance reviews and all the draymen are approved with IANA.
  3. It provides thousands of Trucks and right draymen for every trip.
  4. The Transportation cost is pretty low by optimizing the return trip which matches the lower drayage cost and Terminal Fees.
  5. The tracking is very accurate with its notifications which provides transparency.
  6. It provides all reputable carriers based on the performance of the draymen in order to bring incentive to the deliveries and accountability.


The Dray Alliance provides Drayage in a simple way which is connected and more efficient. It brings the capacity of many thousands of well-qualified drayage companies together and gives the confidence and peace to the companies in the delivery of the containers. Hence, it is the most efficient and trustable to the companies.

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