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Easy Steps to Track Location of a Cell Phone With Cocospy

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 31st March 2019

Being a parent is not just getting children, it goes far beyond that. You will be required to watch over them as they grow, give directions, advice and be there for them when they are in some sort of trouble. The need of a parent to be around the child is even more when the child becomes a teenager.

This is because as a teenager, children want to experiment with everything even some that can be harmful to them. They will easily sneak out to go meet some friends, lie to you that they are at a friend’s house when they are actually in a party somewhere and so on.

This is why every parent needs to have a Cocospy phone locator to be able to know the whereabouts of the kids. In this post, we shall look at east steps on how to locate your child’s iPhone using Cocospy.

The invention of Cocospy has, to a large extent, millions of people. As we speak, this application commands respect among millions of users across the globe. It has been endorsed by major publishers like the PC World, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, LifeHacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends as well as Life Wire.

Step 1: Sign up for Cocospy account for free

sign upThe first thing you need to do in order to start tracking your child’s iPhone location is to sign up. This is usually free, and all you will need is an email address and a password.

You need to be creative with the password you choose, so that no one can easily guess and access the information you have in the Cocospy dashboard. You can visit this site to track cell phone location here without going through the tedious process of signing up experienced with other apps.

Step 2: Install the Cocospy software

If you have bought your kids iPhones, then you do not have to worry about this step. This is because you can still be able to access their information using the iCloud credentials.

But if your kids have Android devices, then you will be forced to install this application on their devices before you start tracking their location.

finish-installationNotice that the installation of this software is hassle free, and cannot take much of your time. Those who have installed it say it takes approximately three minutes to do so.

Step 3: Start tracking

After installing the software, and linking up the device to the application, you can safely log into the application’s dashboard and start tracking the location of the target phones.

Benefits of using this application for location tracking

There are many reasons why people choose this application to track the whereabouts of their loved ones. Statistics have shown that millions of people across the world are turning to Cocospy phone tracker to easily know where their children, spouses or employees are.

And this is done by simply logging into the dashboard, without much more to do. Below are some of the reasons why you need to choose this application;

Free sign up

Many of the tracking applications are only available in premium versions, making it hard for people with low budget to access it. This is not the case when we talk about Cocospy. Signing up for a Cocospy account is free, though you will be required to pay to access more advanced features.

Stealthy spying

Unlike many other apps that shout to the one being tracked, Cocospy helps you locate the target easily and secretively. When you install the application on the target android phone, you will be able to hide the Cocospy icons so that no one knows that it has been installed.

Also, the application runs quietly in the background, with minimal consumption of power. This way, the person being tracked cannot suspect the presence of an application in his/her phone.

If the target is using an iPhone, then you will not even need to install it on the device. All that you will need will be the iCloud credentials.

Super spy app

cocospy-cell-phone-trackerThis application will do much more for you than just location tracking. With it, you can geo-fence your child’s movement. This means that setting up boundaries for your child, and getting notified every time the child goes beyond the set boundaries.

Also, you will be able to monitor the text messages that your child will be chatting with other people. This is made possible through the various features that this application comes with.

We have the call logs tracker, which helps parent monitor the people that the kid has been calling, or who have been calling the kid.

This is an important feature as it can help the parent know who is misleading the kid, if the child changes his/her behavior abruptly.


There is no limit to how we should take care of our children. There are many documented cases where children have simply been spoilt by phones and the internet. It is thus our duty as parents to know where our kids are at any given time using best location tracking apps like Cocospy.


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