ECommerce Share of the Floral Industry in 2021

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 19th January 2021

With most traditional businesses having shifted to the online platform in 2020, the flower industry is no exception and has made great progress in the eCommerce sector in the past few months. Let’s have a look at what the total eCommerce share of the floral industry in 2021 is and what we can expect in terms of online growth in the coming months. Let’s get started.

Online Shopping is Flourishing

The eCommerce market met with a huge surge in sales in the past few months due to an increase in shoppers in almost all markets online. The floral industry which recently shifted to the online platform met with an increase in sales as well, with more people preferring to shop for flowers or gift flowers online to save time and avoid going in search of the local florist’s store. Flower delivery has become an easy way for most floral consumers. Thus, 2020 saw a sudden increase in the online sales of the flower industry as a whole.

Given the current restrictions and the ongoing pandemic, experts believe that the floral industry will continue to grow in the online sector in 2021 as well. According to a recent census, the eCommerce share of the industry has grown by an average of 15% annually over the past few years. This year has seen more growth due to the sudden and drastic increase of many shoppers who came to the online platform due to the ease of access. 

People Prefer Buying Flowers Online

The latest statistics have proved that most people prefer buying flowers online simply because it saves them time and money. This is because online flower shops seem to cost consumers comparatively less when compared to traditional online stores. Additionally, people can access a wider variety of flowers when shopping via online platforms. They also do have the option of browsing between many stores and comparing their discounts and offers before placing their orders, given that flowers are considerably expensive in most places. 

Another reason for people currently preferring to buy flowers online is due to the constant discounts and end-of-season sales that allow individuals to avail different offers on their products. Online flower stores have also figured out a way to increase sales by offering floral bundles or packages which allow consumers to buy a large number of flowers for an occasion at a fair price. Flower gifts have also increased due to the many tie-ups online flower shops have with other gift stores that sell chocolates and candies, thereby allowing individuals to send combined gifts of chocolates and flowers to their loved ones. Needless to say, such marketing strategies that have become quite common among online floral stores have automatically caught people’s attention.

ECommerce Share to Grow by 30%

With online sales seeming to increase and become popular day by day, the eCommerce share of the floral industry is believed to witness a growth of 30% this year. There is an expected rise in sales to take place shortly with events like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day just around the corner. In addition to this, there has also been an increase in the number of flowers and plants that have been purchased for personal use in office environments and such, increasing the overall consumption value of the floral industry this year.


The eCommerce share of the floral industry in 2021 is set to grow more than ever with the current increase in online sales, especially in the floral market. We hope you found this article informative and enlightening. 

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