Eko – Mobile based Communication and Collaboration Platform raises $20M in Series B

by megan jones in News on 28th November 2018

Eko communications is a mobile-based internal communications and operations platform operating mainly from New York and Bangkok. Co-founded by Korawad Chearavanont and David Zhang in 2012 mainly to enhance the lives around the globe by empowering its users with digitals tools that are required for completion of work smoothly. Eko’s main belief is that everyone, Regardless of industry, Background, Location or size of the company, should be provided with tools which are helpful for the completion of the work in more efficient way and also in faster means.

Currently, Eko is operating from Bangkok, Kaula Lumpur, New York, and London. The main goal of Eko is to create Innovative technologies having the potential to transform the workplace.

Series ‘B’ Funding

To expand its operations in Europe region, Eko has raised $20M and opened its offices in London – New commercial headquarters, Berlin and Amsterdam. SMDV is the lead investor in series B besides other investors like Gobi partners, East Ventures and Redbeat ventures. with this new addition of $20M, Eko has raised a total of  $28.7M backed by 500 startups, Tigerlabs ventures, Siemer Ventures, and others. Currently, Eko is used by the companies representing a sum of $3.3B in revenue and also has confirmed the deployment to companies rendering over a total revenue of $20B.

Features of Eko

Group or 1-1 chats
Eko allows its users to chat with any coworker and enables to create Group chats with the people in an organization.
Threaded chats
Users can create threads and named charts to maintain the complex discussions in an organized manner.
Video/voice calling
Eko has a video/voice calling facility to have face-face conversations with the whole team or even with a single coworker.
Eko enables its users to send announcements to the team and also ensures that everyone has gone through important announcements.
The user can send files, videos, photos, and voice messages using Eko.
Photo editing
While using Eko user has a feasibility to add annotations and drawings before sending the photos.
Powerful search option in Eko ensures users to find files, project details, and coworkers quickly.
Convert Messages to Tasks
Eko allows sending messages as tasks to assure work accountability.

Besides these Eko has many other features like Voice messages, Custom stickers, Polls, Thumbs up for appreciation etc.,

Eko workflows

In Eko, Custom forms and Workflows can be built by the customers on their own or they can even use the existing templates. And additional features like sending and receiving workflows, commenting on them, attaching files and adding e-signatures are also possible.

Custom Workflows
Eko Workflow creator can help to construct any type of form that supports your company and team processes.
Hierarchy approvals
Workflow scenarios can be set up in Eko and those requests seamlessly get transferred among the approvers.
Workflow conversations
Users of Eko are directly allowed to comment on its forms and tasks in order to clarify the additional details.
Eko provides features like creating tasks, assigning the created tasks to diverse people, an addition of checklists, Priorities and many such facilities.
Due Dates and Times
On every task that is created, a due date can be set in Eko and ensure that every task and form is completed by the given time.

Also, Eko provides additional workflow features like Planning your day in My Tasks with a prioritized To-do list, E-signature and to turn the forms to PDF.


The advent use of technology in the mobile, making more flexible to the users and the policy of  ‘Freedom With Responsibility’ made Eko today one of the most advancing startups in the Era. Organizations which have been looking for Mobile-First staff, Eko is most apt in such case as its being a Mobile-First Company.

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