Fascinating Customer Retention Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 25th January 2021

The success of your business primarily depends upon the trust factor which you have created among your existing customers by providing better goods and services to them. So when your customers come back to you again and again for buying your products or availing your services then it literally means you have built enough trust among your existing clients.

Now as per today’s scenario, where technology is becoming the favorite trend of the people and competition is rising at par so retaining your old customers with your business is becoming quite difficult for every business owner. This is because your customers are getting eye pleasing offers on an everyday basis and to which they hardly say no. So, in this situation, your customers’ loyalty appears to be a question which shows your customers have turned their attention towards the other brands.

Here you are not supposed to assume that your existing customers will never return back to you as it’s the matter of few impressive offers for them. So you have to start now to get back your existing customers by putting some good efforts for them which you can do very smoothly by utilizing WordPress Push Notifications and woocommerce push notifications. Here checkout this exclusive guide to know how you can fascinate your existing customers with the help of this latest push notifications technique:

Reward their Loyalty:

When you realize that there are many customers who have made multiple purchases from your online store then it is the good time to reward them by offering them huge discounts on their next purchase orders. Here you can send them some promo codes based on their previous purchase order where they are going to get effective price releases while entering that code sent via wordpress push notification.

This way your existing customers will feel special and they will continue doing shopping from your website. 

Create Personalized Recommendations:

If your customers have recently purchased something from your website then here you can send them additional recommendations based on their previous purchase order via using these Woocommerce Push Notifications. Here for example you are running a fashion outlet or if the user has recently purchased a pair of jeans and -t-shirt then you can recommend them for buying matching shoes or bags or maybe some other accessory at an appropriate price. This way you can excite them to keep themselves connected with your business and continue buying with your online retail store.

Mesmerize them with Price Drops:

Whenever you have decreased the prices of your available products, then at the same time you may have observed the sudden increase of sales for those products. So, the price drop strategy has always worked in a good way for your business. 

Here just think if this strategy has already worked out well without any prior intimation sent to your existing customers regarding price drop alerts so when you will send these price drop alerts on their devices via wordpress push notifications then how much will it increase your sales? As per a recorded fact, your sales might increase upto 80% when you utilize these push notifications by the way of sending price drops. So, use this strategy and make your business grow on a fast scale. 

Keep Them In Loop:

Like every other trader is trying their best for fascinating the audience who could become their potential customers so here you can also do the same with the help of these woocommerce push notifications. Here the impact of these amazing push notifications which are sent by you among your existing customers would be stronger than your competitors because your customers have already once purchased from your website. So, if their previous experiences have gone well and presently they are getting an astonishing offer from your side then the chances are they will be giving you a preference for buying your product instead of other retailers. 

That Welcome Back Approach:

Many customers directly visit google page while they are searching for their desired products. So, whenever your existing customers land on your webpage again even through google search results, then make an effort from your side to remind them about their previous purchases by adding a ‘Welcome’ text in wordpress push notification message. 

This message will make them feel delighted as you still remember about them and their previous purchase orders as well. So try sending these productive push notifications now and fascinate your existing customers to bring them back.


So as per above discussion, when you use this wordpress – woocommerce push notifications marketing campaign then you are certainly going to increase your business in a productive way. Thus, utilize these push notifications and fascinate your existing customers because reatinging your old customers with your business is as much important as getting the new ones. 

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