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by Josh Biggs in Finance on 6th September 2021

In the current digital dispensation, there is absolutely no reason, and I repeat, absolutely no reason, it should take a banking institution long to clear a simple transaction. This sort of frustration by banks has been going on for far too long that customers have accepted it as normal. No, it is not! You deserve excellent services from your banking institutions.

Let me paint a picture for you. You need to transfer money to a family member, friend, or even an employee in another country. Using digital platforms, this should take you seconds as the transfers are instant. However, with almost all traditional banks, the transfer won’t be credited within seconds, minutes, or hours. It will take a painstaking 3-5 days!

Frustrating, right? You have to grapple with your transaction being processed only during business days. If you are seeking for a refund, the bank tells you that you have to wait for 14 business days. Transferring cash between your bank accounts? Well, that is not a walk in the park too. It will literally take a couple of days before the transfer can be complete.


Doing Things in a Different Way

At hi, we have taken a unique approach. We ascribe to the philosophy of doing things differently and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We are of the firm belief that global money transfer shouldn’t be complicated. It should be as straightforward as saying a casual “hi” in any of the social chat messengers, regardless of where one is located across the globe.

At hi, we’ve made the transfer of funds as seamless and frictionless as much as possible. No delays, no paperwork, no conditions. You can access hi accounts through various communication and social media platforms and transfer funds to anyone across the globe instantly.

Using Customers’ Money to Do Business and Earn Profit From

What is the rationale for taking 3-5 business days for a transaction to be processed by banks? When you raise the question of taking long to process funds, banks always claim that they do so to reduce the risk of fraud. But is this really the case? Of course not!

When you instruct your bank to send an electronic check, they immediately deduct the money from your account. You would expect that they will deposit immediately the same funds to the recipient’s account. However, this is never the case. The recipient will have to wait a couple of days before the funds can leave the bank and deposited into their account. During this time, the bank is doing business with your money and earning interest from it.

Instant Payments Around The Clock

While operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is a myth with banks, our crypto world does just that. We are operational around the clock and are not limited to public holidays or working hours. This gives hi major competitive advantage over traditional banks as global transfers are processed instantly.

Hi services are not limited by time zones, holidays, or short working hours, as is with conventional banks. As a digital platform leveraging social messengers and the blockchain technology, we are all about bridging the gap and providing our customers with top-notch financial services that make it possible for them to send and receive payments instantly.

Our sole aim is to put the interests of our members first while ensuring that they enjoy fast, convenient, efficient, and hassle-free services!

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