Finding Gold Online

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 17th June 2022

There are many resources out there on how to get precious metals online, so it can be hard to find the right or legitimate investment opportunity for yourself, your business, or your family.

Ever since United States President Gerald Ford legalized the private ownership of these special coins, bars, and certificates in 1974 (after a mess of issues derived from the Gold Reserve Act), American citizens have enjoyed the ability to invest in gold and other precious metals in a variety of ways for personal gains.

Between the years 2019 and 2020, the price of gold increased by over 5%. Some qualified specialists believe that by the year 2025 it could potentially be triple that. Before the price of gold skyrockets, don’t you want to get in on the action? Maybe you’re a little hesitant to get your feet wet, but luckily the process can be simple and as easy as the click of your mouse button.

Where to start…

Everyone starts their metals investing off the same way: Google. Do your research since there are plenty of other resources out there. Every investment and precious metals-purveyor is different and offers different services depending on the client’s needs.

Instead of jumping in headfirst, most people decide on going with an investment company that’s been around the block; one which has been an investor in the precious metal and shiny thing industry for over twenty years or more. They do the work for you to help make sure your investments work for you. They have literally thousands of satisfied customers investing in shiny rocks such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

What to look for…

You always want to find reputable dealers when you get precious metals online, especially merchants with verifiable purchase reviews. If you can call and ask questions with a human consultant, even better. It is always better to communicate directly with your investment company as they are working with you, not for you. If your investments go well for you, they go well for them.

Yelp and Google are great resources for company testimonials and reviews. Most questions and concerns can be addressed with the companies directly, however the precious metals community is full of helpful people and reviewers who scour internet sources in search of any and all questions they’d love to answer for you with their plethora of knowledge on the subject.

In terms of what to look for in terms of the precious metals themselves, there are a few different aspects to consider: cost per gram and level of purity. You can find out the current cost per gram on Monex by clicking here and the level of purity should be certified by the correct authorities.

What to look out for…

You want to avoid offshore gold retailers as their stock and purchase reviews cannot be verified by any U.S. institution. If you cannot contact the establishment directly, avoid it.

While Yelp and Google are good resources for reviews, use your best judgment when reading them as reviews can be sponsored or removed by either company’s discretion for any variety of reasons, so may not be entirely accurate. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Especially on the internet.

Any retailer or merchant attempting to sell gold or invest in person, on the street, is in fact not a reputable dealer. Most of their product is inaccurately labeled, uncertified, or illegal. Only certified dealers and merchants should be trusted for your gold and precious metal needs.

FAQ: Is purchasing precious metals online safe?

Like all other purchases made online, one must use their best judgment before providing any online merchant their personal information, especially regarding payment. A quick Google search of the company name “+scam” usually can yield informative results that may help you better make a decision.

The most reliable dealers and merchants you may find online will always use SSL encryption and are PCI compliant. If their shipments are not fully-insured, steer clear as this is a bad sign that the company you’re working with is illegitimate.

If you ever question the legitimacy of a website, simply Google it or play it safe and look elsewhere.

FAQ: Who purchases gold online?

Anyone interested in a time-tested investment would be someone keen on purchasing gold and other precious metals online. A recent survey revealed that a whopping 10.8% of Americans owned gold in 2019 with 11.6% owning silver.


The COVID-19 pandemic saw more millennial and young people than ever investing in precious metals over other types and currency due to its strong standing as a valuable asset in any economy.

Men are ten-times more likely to purchase and invest in precious metals; however it is a game that is quickly changing as equality ramps up in American society. More and more women feel they too can enter the gold investment game while the money is hot – and America is here for it! The more people purchase, the more money circulates in the economy and we consume, just like what was intended for us!

FAQ: Is purchasing precious metals online a good investment?

It is always a good idea to spread out investments over several channels to maximize possible benefits in the future. In these uncertain times, you can always be certain that the government and economy will consider gold and other precious metals worth something, for better or worse. 

Bank accounts are just numbers held inside of a computer with no tangible, material backing. What is material? What is tangible? Gold! Gold will always be a valuable asset and, even better; can be passed down through the generations to ensure the survival of your bloodline.

The value of gold stays relatively constant compared to inflation and other factors due to the supply more-or-less staying the same over the past 100 years. It does fluctuate due to supply and demand, as with all other economic factors, but has never not been a safe and secure investment for capable and interested American citizens and businesses.

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