Five Amazing Business Benefits of Branded Pens

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 23rd August 2022

So, you’ve decided you want to generate interest in your brand but aren’t sure where to start. It happens. But don’t worry; custom pens can make it so much easier to advertise your business and generate interest in your brand with just a bit of customization. Pens are incredibly useful, which is something that customers appreciate. People use pens for all kinds of things, including taking notes at meetings, writing down phone numbers or other important information, signing documents and so on. Pens make it easy to advertise your business, too, because you can place your logo, website, contact info, or whatever you please right there alone the pen itself. Pens can be sold, given away, distributed at trade shows. They’re a versatile gift that customers truly love. Here are five amazing business benefits of offering custom pens to your clients.

Generate Interest In Your Brand

A custom pen with your logo can effectively market your brand to prospective customers. Generating positive interest in your brand is critical, and the right promotional product can be a powerful tool for business growth. Custom pens are a great example of how a company can use an item that is easy to find, affordable, and useful to successfully promote their brand. Think about it this way. A custom pen makes it easy for a customer to connect your brand with functionality and something they use everyday. It reminds them of you in a positive way. After a while, it might even help you attract new customers because other people might see that logo and decide they want to check out your business. It’s a positive brand association that attracts customers instead of trying to relentlessly advertise to them at the most inopportune times.

Make A Great First Impression

You’ve probably heard the saying that a good first impression can make a big difference. Anyone who’s ever read a business management book or taken business courses has probably heard something similar. And although it may sound cliche, it’s definitely true. A good first impression can start a relationship off on the right foot. It starts with a smile, interacting in a cordial way, finding a common ground, and figuring out a way to impress the customer. Offering custom pens can act as a friendly gesture that gets the conversation started. Giving a prospective client a gift of a nice pen, whether it be engraved, fountain, or metallic can be a great way to start off a relationship. 

Create Trust and Goodwill Among Clients

Developing trust is one of the key ingredients of a successful business relationship. If you don’t trust your business partners, your customers, or your clients, then they’re not going to trust you. If they don’t reciprocate that trust, you’ll run into problems trying to be successful or accomplish your business goals. That’s why creating trust and building rapport is so vital. Creating an atmosphere of trust and loyalty among your clientele is key to ensuring your reputation remains good. So, add some custom items to your marketing campaigns. This could be as simple as setting up a social media contest, with pens as the prize or just giving them away at trade shows in hopes of networking. There are plenty of possibilities out there so it’s up to you to decide how to leverage them to your advantage as you see fit.

Give Collector’s Something Worthwhile 

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who collect pens and other writing utensils. There’s also some promotional value in creating a limited offering or a one-off item that can provide the basis for the fear of missing out. Collectible pens are just as easy to get as other types of breaded pens. They might cost a little bit more and not be something you can purchase in both as easily, but they can have a similar or better effect as the more generic ultimately, you can reach the collectors out there with amazing Custom Branded Pens and show you have a flare for specialty marketing, and interested in engaging with your community, and are able to offer something unique over the competition.

Find Networking Opportunities 

Another area where your branded pens can be useful is in networking. Take trade shows, for instance. A trade show is a great place to mingle with others in your general industry, find new clients, and get to know them as much as possible. Giving away a custom pen can be a great Icebreaker for a networking opportunities. This works especially well at trade shows where you can meet plenty of new people from your current industry or adjacent industries. With the end of the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns in sight, there are many more networking opportunities out there that you won’t want to miss. 

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