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Five Common iPhone Problems and How To Fix Them

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 10th November 2020

Constant issues with your phone can be extremely frustrating and can disrupt your everyday life. Fortunately, there are a few things that can cause major problems, but can be relatively easy to fix. If you are experiencing some of these problems, the solution may be easier than you think to fix. Finding an iPhone care center near you that can offer a comprehensive diagnostic service is key.

Before throwing in the towel, review these simple fixes for five of the most common iPhone issues.

Cracked Phone Screen

A swift bump can send your iPhone tumbling, dropping to the ground and suffering from a cracked screen. Ignoring the cracks can cause more and more damage to your device, such as more cracks occurring, touch screen becoming unresponsive, the LCD bleeding and failing, or you may even end up cutting your finger and getting shards of glass embed in your finger. In the event you cracked your screen, your only option is to replace the glass and digitizer as quickly as possible. This will help prevent it from breaking again. These are great steps to take whether you’re buying a new or used device. Protect it from the get-go, which will help prevent it from suffering from accidental damage.


Your phone shouldn’t get extremely warm. If should warm up a bit, but should stay relatively cool. If your phone does get hot, hotter than normal, if could be from a faulty battery, or other faulty component. Checking your device’s warranty to see if it is still in a warranty period it a good step to take, as hot phones are signs of more serious issues. You phone may be further damaged the hotter it gets. Check to see what apps are running, to see if there are any apps that are constantly running in the background, updates that are downloading, or any other software that you could close. Try to avoid leaving your phone out of hot vehicles, or in direct sunlight. It’s quite amazing at how quick a phone absorbs heat. When you go out, keep it in your bag or in your pocket; and when you’re indoors, keep it away from windows or direct sunlight. If you device continues to get hot, you should consider having a professional repair service like iFixYouri run a diagnostics on it. 

Lack of Storage Space

Running out of room is a common occurrence nowadays with all the pictures and videos we take every day. Apps that we download and files that we store, it’s no wonder we run out of storage space quickly.  Running out of memory can slow down your phone and cause it to underperform. To free up storage on your phone, the simple act of clearing out photos or videos, deleting apps, or increasing your iCloud storage settings can help alleviate the dreaded storage space issue. Another option would be to sell your old phone to a company like Tech Reboot, and buy a new or used one with higher storage capacity.

Lack of storage can slow your phone down and effect its speed and performance. Freeing up some storage by deleting some apps and files like pictures or videos, and clearing the cache, are the quick, easy, and free way to help restore some life to your phone. 

Apps Crashing

There’s nothing quite as annoying as when an app continuously crashes as you are using it. This could be caused by an out of date app or operating system, or conflicting apps that are running in the background. Try to close out all your apps, and then restart your phone. If that doesn’t fix the problem, open up your App Store or Google Play store, and make sure that all your apps are updated and running the latest version. Often time a simple update of your phone’s operating system, or just an app update can cure the crashing of your frequently used apps. 

Poor Battery Life

Phones are used all day every day, often having to be charged multiple times per day. It’s no wonder that we frequently experience battery issues. Batteries have a finite life and when they begin to degrade, it will slow down your device, and cause you headaches whenever you are using it. While there are many reasons why a battery will die quickly, there are a few steps to take to help your battery life, and ultimately fix the issue. 

It is recommended to check the health of your battery. By navigating into your settings menu, and selecting battery settings option, you’ll be able view the health of your battery (on most devices). A battery that has health of less than 75% is recommended to be replaced. Search out for a professional repair company to assist you, or if you’re feeling confident and technical, purchase a DIY kit and perform the battery replacement yourself.

A slow charging phone could be caused by using the wrong type of charger. Low voltage output can be the cause of your phone’s battery life. Often times a bad charging cable or block will cause you to think you’re charging your phone, but in all actuality, your phone sits plugged in, not charging. You may not realize it, but cables break quite easily from all the abuse they suffer. If your cable is the problem, you can easily buy a new one.

A quick look inside of the charging port could yield result. It might be blocked with dirt and debris. If it is, taking a wooden toothpick and gently scraping it out can help bring that charge back to your phone.

To extend the life of your phone’s battery, try to minimize your screen time. There are apps that will drain your battery more than others, so be sure to pay attention to ones that set your phone to rapid draining mode, so remove them if they’re not essential. As a last-ditch effort, try to turn on low power mode/battery saving mode under your settings menu. If the software fixes don’t change anything as far as battery life goes, it could be the inevitable dying battery. When that occurs, it’s time to throw in the towel and replace that aged and old battery to prolong the life of your device. 

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