Five out-of-the-box marketing strategies to promote your online business

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 16th December 2020

The consumerization of technology is turning out to be a bliss for humankind. It is benefiting the sellers and buyers by bridging many technical and geographical barriers and gaps.

This is the best time for businesses to enter the realm and make the most of it. In fact, the advent of online website builders and free app makers has made it easier for brands to tap into the online market.

However, with the growing ease and convenience, the competition is also increasing. Brands are trying hard to win customers and get an edge over their competitors.

If your usual marketing and promotional strategies are failing to produce the desired goals and results, perhaps it is time for you to upgrade your approach, Like using digital marketing tool.

Today, we will tell you about five unique and out-of-the-box marketing techniques that can rejuvenate your promotional strategies and blow a new life into it! 

So, stay tuned with us as we unravel some interesting facts and help you discover the strategies that are both, distinctive and effective. 

Five unique marketing strategies that can boost your traction and sales

The five unique but powerful marketing strategies that can ramp up your endeavours for traction and sales, are as follows: 

#1: Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing is a spontaneous branding technique that focuses on spinning an advertisement opportunity out of a trending issue, event, occasion and more. As the name suggests, it is the method of finding the scope of marketing in the “moment” and leveraging it.

For example, Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” ad was a perfect moment marketing example. During the 2013 Super Bowl, it commented on the power outage inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The satirical pun “dunk in the dark”, went popular and created a massive buzz.

#2: Empathy Marketing

Empathy marketing is the technique of understanding the emotions and issues of your consumers and capitalizing on it without necessarily trying to advertise or endorse. It focuses on creating an empathetic image of the brand, mostly by endorsing a value-driven idea.

The empathy can be towards the consumers, employees, stakeholders, or the public in general. Nike’s “Play for the World’ campaign that was focused on the message of staying indoors to flatten the curve of COVID-19, is an amazing example of Empathy Marketing. 

#3: Carousel Ads

Carousel ads have taken over the traditional advertisement methods on social media in recent times. It is the technique where you use more than one asset and couple it with a compelling content. You can combine two or more images, videos, illustrations, GIFs, etc., to tell one coherent brand story.

Today, this advertisement format is a massive hit on almost every social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. If you have a new brand Facebook would be the best platform for your ads as it has many more users than the rest. On the other hand, if your brand has been around for some time, and all it needs is more exposure you should increase your Twitter presence. Maybe it doesn’t have that many users as Facebook, but it’s more specific and you’ll have a bigger chance of acquiring new followers

#4: Referral Campaigns 

Consumers have become smarter overtime as they have access to infinite solutions and answers to every query on the internet. Hence, you will need to walk an extra mile to keep them interested and hooked to your brand. This can be achieved with a referral campaign.

Ask your consumers to refer your brand and products in their circle and win rewards in return. You can also incentivize the loyalty of your returning customers. Curate special discounts, offers, deals, gift coupons, etc., and attract more engagement and sales. To earn free gift cards check Tech-Score.

#5: App-only Offers 

It is the age of smartphones and statistics show that most of the consumers prefer shopping on apps over websites. Hence, it is important to inspire your visitors and buyers to download your app. It will reduce the chances of abandonments and migration of the customer to some other brand.

Create some special “app-only” offers and enable consumers to redeem them when they download the app or make their first purchase through the app. Also make efforts to retain your app users as they can turn out to be more beneficial overtime, as compared to new visitors on the website. 

Bonus Tip: Stealth tactic 

Now that you have stayed with us till the end, we would like to reward you with a bonus marketing tip that is equally outlandish, but effective! 

Stealth marketing tactic is a unique but effective way to make consumers’ notice you. As the name suggests, it involves some unconventional techniques. For example, when practicing stealth marketing, you can trespass into your competitors’ territory and try to convert their consumers.

Else, you can also try a product or brand placement where it is least expected and catch the attention of the buyers. It can be done by placing the brand or product in a theatrical play, on a television show or other similar medium. 

While it may sound a bit over the top and desperate, stealth marketing has worked wonders for many brands, big and small. This list includes heavyweights like Airbnb, Prada, FedEx and more.  

Wrapping Up!

That was all from our end today! Couple your creativity and persistence with the strategies listed above and implement it to fuel the growth of your brand.

Carve out a plan and try one or more strategies listed above. Assess the results of your efforts and use it to take data backed decisions and optimize the efforts further. 

Take the performance and reach of your online business several notches up. Work tirelessly to make the consumers fall in love with your online brand and continue to reap the benefits.