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Five Tips for Building a Great Team at Work

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 25th May 2021

Just because you work with a group doesn’t mean you have a great team. It’s easy for members to work separately, keep ideas to themselves, and simply get the work done without an eye for growth, collaboration, or new ideas.

If you’re tired of having a team that seems to clock in, do the bare minimum, and clock out, it’s time to start thinking about leadership team development. These five tips will help you get started creating the kind of team environment that gets everyone excited to come to work in the morning.

Make Time

Having a great team at work isn’t something that just happens. Like any relationship in life, it requires work. If you want your team to work well together and you want them to come up with fresh new ideas, you have to make time to build a positive team atmosphere.

That means scheduling weekly meetings where everyone can get used to being together, and it may mean scheduling teambuilding exercises that get your employees in the teamwork mindset.

Making time also means finding ways to socialize at work! Teams that enjoy talking to each other about non-work related topics are more likely to work well together when the time comes. A few ways you can make time for everyone to socialize include:

  • Celebrate coworkers’ birthdays
  • Have everyone each lunch together at the same time
  • Make time to play a board game together
  • Invite everyone to bring their pets to work
  • Go on excursions together outside of work

Clear, Comfortable Communication

Communication is essential at work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go according to plan. If you want your team to work well together, it is vital that you make communicating clear and comfortable.

First, make sure everyone knows the best way to communicate with everyone else. Is it best to send emails so everyone can be cc’d? Do chats work best? Do some coworkers prefer if you stop by their desk?

Next, make sure communicating is comfortable for everyone. All ideas should be welcome, no matter how outlandish or out-of-the box. When everyone feels like their ideas are going to be respected, they are more likely to feel comfortable enough to share what they’re thinking, which is the mark of a good team.

Clarify Roles and Goals

If you want to have a great team, every member must know their role within the whole. Play to everyone’s strengths and make sure everyone knows exactly what they are expected to do, as well as what everyone else does. That way, everyone knows who to go to when they have a question.

You can clarify goals based on the roles of everyone within the group. Team members can have their own goals, but good teams also have goals that the entire team should work on together. With a supportive atmosphere, team members shouldn’t be afraid to reach out for help, and others shouldn’t feel frustrated by having to offer help in order for everyone to meet the goal together.

Banish Toxic Behavior

It’s normal for people to butt heads any time a group works together. However, if tensions aren’t kept in check, you’ll find your team failing fast.

There are a lot of toxic behaviors you should try and nip in the bud as soon as they arise. They include gossiping about other members of the team, but they can also include team members who insist on doing everything themselves, or someone who tends to fly off the handle at other coworkers.

Knowing your employees is essential. For example, one employee may just need a gentle email reminder while another may require a one-on-one meeting. In other cases, the entire team may need training.

Encourage Mentorship

Encouraging mentorship on your team is a great way to invite new members into your company culture. Other members of the team can show them the ropes and welcome them in, reducing the time it takes for them to get comfortable in their new role.

With so many benefits, other mentoring opportunities should be encouraged as well! Encourage members of your team to try peer-to-peer mentoring, and consider allowing employees to mentor supervisors with reverse mentoring.

Having enough people on your team isn’t enough if you want to reach for the stars. How those people work together is vital to your success. With the tips on this list, you can build a supportive, effective team that can take your company to the next level.

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