Four reasons why fantastic web design aids product sales

by Josh Biggs in Marketing, Tech on 30th July 2020

Boosting product or service sales is the holy grail for any business, big or small. Knowing how to do it, however, is often much harder than it sounds. 

Hiring staff who are skilled in the art of sales, improving your marketing and ensuring your product is the best it can possibly be are all obvious and effective methods; what might be less clear is that stunning website design can also help your sales rise. 

Importance of web design

While perhaps the only obvious importance of web design is to provide your customers with a pleasant place to learn about your business and browse your product, its benefits run much deeper than that. As explained in detail below, web design actually contributes to increasing and then converting leads, bringing traffic to your brand through ease of use and through search engine optimization and it generally dictates how likely you are to have your desired amount of online sales. 

Using WordPress

The first tip for using website design to improve sales is to look into how simple and easy WordPress is to operate. Paying for premium WordPress increases the number of fresh and simple themes available to you, giving you a platform to inform and sell to your clients and customers. Whether you opt for WordPress or another type of website template, or even build your own, the four reasons below spell out the benefits you should be rewarded with.

  • Prevents visitors leaving quickly

Designing a landing page that encourages visitors to stay is essential. If it has been on your list of tasks for some time, you could consider using product management tools to better prioritize the actions you need to take to move your business onto the next level. 

The more time customers spend on your website, the more chance you have of them finding their way to your sales pages and investing in your products; every good website should aid navigation in a way that directs potential customers towards pages where they can contact you or buy from you. 

  • Increased traffic

Naturally, the more traffic (people visiting your website) you get, the more potential leads you generate and, in turn, the more money you earn. 

With a website that draws in thousands of clicks, looking at monetizing your website with advertisements is a fantastic idea for complimenting your traditional money-making methods. 

  • SEO

By uploading regularly to your website, having a design that encourages visitors to stay for longer and click on more internal links, including your contact details and address that match your Google My Business profile and effectively using keywords, your website design will improve your search engine optimization.

Having superb SEO means you appear higher up search engine results pages.

  • Improves lead conversion

Through careful website design you can improve the conversion of leads into sales. In simple terms, this is done by increasing the ease by which customers can contact you (so that you can close the sale manually) and having stunning product pictures and concise, informative product descriptions that encourage quick sales.

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