Franking machines for small businesses: compare franking machines

by Josh Biggs in Business, Finance on 15th October 2021

Franking machines are an excellent solution for your postage needs. If you have never used one for your business before, there are ample benefits for you to gain. The most prominent benefit is that it maintains your bottom line by helping you save money and increase your productivity. Additionally, a franking machine also adds a professional aesthetic to your mail. 

The quick run-through about franking machines

Franking is the practice of processing traditional postage stamps, mailing letters and sending parcels. With a franking machine, you no longer need to stamp packages manually. Another aspect is it wipes away the worry about paying the wrong amount for your letters. In short, it drives out human errors out of the business equation.

Franking machines for businesses

A preconceived notion is that franking machines are best suited for larger businesses. Although they render scale economies, small businesses can avail of its benefits as well. 

While there are several parameters for measuring the size of your business, the below is a good indication of what type of machine is most appropriate. More importantly, it is not the size of your company but rather the mail volume that determines the equipment. For businesses with low mail volume, the franking machine should be as big as a computer monitor. The said equipment shall occupy no more desk space. With that said, the operating capacity should be able to:

  • Process anywhere between 15 to 30 letters every minute
  • Weigh a letter or packet between 2.5 to 5.0 kg
  • Track a range of 10 to 30 cost accounts

The types of models and arrangements available

The advanced and new models comprise integral scales that help with weighing the letter. Once done, the internal rate software calculates the appropriate amount of postage used. And this is based on the class of postage opted.

Plus, you need not immediately purchase the franking machine. You can even go for the rent or lease option. In any case, the most telling factor is the budget. Whether your office premises can accommodate a fully-owned and paid-up machine is worth considering. The mail volume shall not be a defining parameter as the cost already reflects the same.

Credit in the Franking machine

The ‘credit’ here does not mean buying the franking machine on credit, but it concerns the purchase of postage. The credit, in this case, works similar to the prepaid recharge or top-ups for mobile telephony. Franking machines today operate through connections. They can be linked to the telephone lines or a Local Area Network (LAN) assembly. What this does is it saves you the time, going and waiting, at the post office while buying stamps. 

While using the franking machine, there is a chance of it running on low credit. When that happens, you can load up additional postage through the holding account. However, note that top-ups are not entirely free in all cases. You must check with the vendor or company. 

Franking machines for small businesses

iX-3 Series Franking Machine

This franking machine is the most practical solution for small offices. It is excellent for getting by with delivering effortless mailing and shipping processes and procedures. As goes the saying, looks are deceiving, and that holds for this one. Although compact, it is powerful. 

It is equipped with SMART technology and makes it a complete suite for all your mailing needs. It makes for a one-stop approach to processing, tracking, reporting and reconciling all your postage expenses for mails and parcels.

IS-280c Desktop Franking Machine

The IS-280c is a stellar franking machine for small businesses. It comprises sophisticated features. The compact package is a real-time saviour, and you no longer need to queue up at the Post Office. Also, it takes the guessing game for the correct postage out of the picture. With this one, you also save yourself from the worries of running out of stamps. Its postage meter can be re-credited online and is renewable from anywhere and at any time. That is, it is functional 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. 

The in-built scale and rate wizard calculates the postage accurately each time. So you no longer have to rack your brains with the numbers either. What makes this one stand out from the crowd is the state-of-the-art technology. It has a whisper-quiet operation that handles your postage like a smooth sail. Using the MyQuadient online account, you can access additional services and also pay your bills. 

IN-360 Desktop Franking Machine

Yet another franking machine that small businesses can look at is the IN-360 franking machine. Its mechanical envelope feed gallops at a speed of 45 letters per minute. It is convenient to use, compact and renders noiseless operations. Its desktop size seamlessly integrates into any office environment. The machine is especially best suited for offices with limited floor space. Acting as a massive saviour of finances, as it offers discounts up to 29 per cent. Also, you can pay the amounts owed in arrears with the top up availability – anytime and anywhere. It also has the MyQuadient online management account that provides access to other services.

Parting Words

With business operations getting streamlined through automation, why should postage not reap the fruits? These advanced franking machines are a testament to what comes next. Integration of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence is expected on the horizon. Therefore, there is no time like now for businesses to hop on this wagon. 

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