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Free Instagram Presets & Filters for Headshots

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 25th February 2019

The number of Instagram users has been rapidly growing. Photographers, businessmen, realtors, designers, cooks, practically everyone uses this network as a simple and absolutely cheap way to share their images both for professional and personal needs. Judging by the data from the recent poll, Instagram images are edited more often than any other posts. That’s why, professional Lightroom Instagram presets will be of great help. Such filters will significantly enhance your workflow, making it faster and easier. No need to repeat the same steps, trying to achieve a consistent and professional look. You may simply download the necessary Instagram presets and get the jaw-dropping results. This is really important if you attempt to get more followers and promote your business.

 Reasons to Use Lightroom Instagram Presets for Your Business Account

Consistent Business Look without Additional Payments. These presets make your business portraits or an “About” page on the website more attractive without extra costs. All your photos will look consistently, thus you may boast of the professionally organized Instagram gallery. Your followers will easily distinguish your peculiar projects and you’ll promote your business way faster.

Facilitate Image Editing Process. Being even slightly engaged in the photography sphere, you as a user of business Instagram account surely know how long and laborious image editing can be. If you share photos on Instagram, you need to spend even more time until you achieve the consistent look that will be pleasant for you followers. For instance, you need to master account promotion strategies, learn how to make your Instagram posts accessible to people with visual impairments or even how to back up your Instagram images before deleting your account All this requires a significant amount of time and encourages Instagram users to look for possible ways of fast-tracking picture editing. With Instagram presets you simply play with different effects in order to surpass millions of other users. No need to manually adjust each parameter. Correctly chosen present will do all the work.

1.Lightroom Preset Instagram “Perfect Headshot”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Make background white
  • Colors become reach
  • Outfit and face features become sharper and clear

If you need a perfect headshot for your website, you can’t but download this best Instagram preset free to boost your workflow. If you were photographed in a studio, you won’t have so many flaws caused by harsh direct sunlight. But if you happen to shoot at natural light, you know how destructive sunrays may be. Fortunately, this plug-in may impressively enhance skin texture and accentuate facial features.

2.Lightroom Preset Instagram “Soft Light”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Even minor details are naturally accentuated by the means of a professional color correction
  • Improves the Saturation and Vibrance, while the Sharpening is being edited

Your collection of Lightroom Instagram presets will be incomplete without this filter. It helps enhance overall coloring, making business images brighter, smoothing the skin tone and bringing the main subject into focus. You can experiment with different photos, but the most noticeable result will be with outdoor shots and pictures with blurred background.

3.Lightroom Preset Instagram “Film Portrait Look”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Blacks are faded, Saturation and Vibrance are reduced to get a matte effect
  • The image acquires soft “haze”

Though losing its original appeal, the film effect still fascinates many people. Why not diversify your profile with gorgeous shots using this “Film Look” Lightroom preset free? Thus, you’ll get images, which greatly resemble episodes from a movie. Depending on the final result you want to achieve, you may try different photo styles, editorial or studio photography. This plug-in works perfectly with any shot. Try to keep it natural!

4. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Perfect Light”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Make highlights warmer
  • Mid-tones become brighter

This is one of top Instagram presets, which are designed to make your headshots atmospheric and gentle. Applying this filter, you won’t “clutter” your images with dozens of distracting elements. It is a great option for business portraits taken in the office near windows.

5. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Close Headshot”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Cold and warm shades are perfectly balanced in the photo
  • Mid-tones are professionally corrected

You’ve probably understood which colors are primarily affected. Thus, they become well-balanced, which leads to a more harmonious interplay of different shades. Since cold colors (mainly blue) become warmer, the entire image seems more pleasant and eye-catching. It may be called one of the best presets for business close portraits.

 6. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Vintage Effect”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Smooth the skin and reduce shadows
  • Make colors softer
  • Increase the dynamic range

There is hardly a photographer, who don’t like the vintage effect. That’s why, many users want to get Lightroom presets which mimic the filters on Instagram, especially vintage ones. These filters help emphasize the natural colors and get old-fashioned look in a matter of seconds. Try to combine this plug-in with other collections to get even more captivating results.

7. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Matte Effect”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Add a classic-like look to a photo, slightly resembling B&W color range
  • Enhance chocolate, black and white colors

Want to make your headshot dramatic? You’ll definitely like these professional Lightroom presets. It works in such a way that black colors become more saturated, setting the distinction between dark and bright tones. So, you need to choose a photo with a one-color background and you’ll be able to draw attention to the person/object in the foreground.

8. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Moody”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Intensify contrast
  • Make undertones moody
  • Add rich toning

Have dark headshot photo, but want to turn it into a real masterpiece? Wish to make it more atmospheric, and thus “tell” a certain story? This example of best Lightroom presets free may be your lifesaver. It does the trick if you apply it to shots with a couple of moving elements or a person posing against a spectacular background. Thus, you will highlight the back part of the photo, keeping each detail of business outfit clearly visible. This filter is great for editorial business photoshoots.

9. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Sunny Day”

How these Instagram presets work:

  • Make pictures clear and warm
  • Add sunlight to portrait

Now and then every photographer faces the problem of poor lighting. Working outdoors, you can’t regulate the lighting conditions, and can simply rely on quality Lightroom Instagram presets to fix the problem during photo post processing. Having this filter, you can easily liven up the colors and get more bright pictures. It is super useful, if you want to mimic sunny day mood on your business headshot.

10. Lightroom Preset Instagram “Brighten”

  • Preserve natural look, while brightening colors
  • Draw attention to the model, if the image has a plain background

If the photo looks too gloomy or you simply wish to highlight the beautiful composition, you can’t do without this Lightroom Instagram preset. Though the colors become brighter, no one will ever guess that the picture has been edited. Everything is 100% realistic. To get such a result, choose images with minimum elements. So, it is primarily designed for close-ups.

How to Download, Install and Use Lightroom Instagram Presets

The time when you had to sit at the computer and apply presets to a photo solely in Adobe Lightroom is in the past. Adobe Corporation has presented free Lightroom presets mobile, which work efficiently on any mobile device. So, you can enhance shot even on-the-go and synchronize across all devices. It is super convenient and largely extends your creative possibilities.

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