GMAT, an essential bridge to your graduate business program

by Josh Biggs in Business on 15th June 2019

Sure, the GMAT is crucial because it is an essential bridge to your graduate business program; however, don’t make a big deal out of it if you failed your first attempt. Moreover, if you haven’t yet taken the exam, don’t let the possibility of a negative score paralyze you. The GMAT is not an easy exam to prepare for considering that many have a challenge passing it. The main difference between those who pass the exam and those who don’t are two things: preparation and dedication.

The Difference Between Failure and Temporary Defeat

Napoleon Hill, a renowned writer from the 20th century, talks about failure and temporary defeat in his book, The Law of Success. He suggests that failure is permanent but temporary while defeat is ephemeral. Failing the GMAT is a form of temporary defeat. You tried the exam for the first time or second, but you didn’t get the recommended score. That’s all there is to it. Nowhere is it written that that’s the end of the road for you. You can still make another attempt and be on your way to your preferred business course.

Remember: if you have already failed the exam, even a few times, don’t despair. As long as you can still take the exam again, there is hope. You’ll eventually ace it.

Also, if you haven’t yet attempted the exam, hopefully, you can see that even if you fail, that is temporary defeat–ephemeral. Keep your eye on your goal and it is only a matter of time before you achieve it.

The Nature of the GMAT

The GMAT features various verbal and quantitative topics that many find taxing. Even people with a history of high performance in previous courses have a hard time when facing this exam.

You are required to have at least a score of 561 to pass the exam, and according to, only two-thirds of the candidates manage to score between 400 and 600.

If you make it to 650, many institutions will have an easy time enrolling you to their business program. Even better, the golden score is anything from 700 and above, which when achieved, you’ll be perceived as an exceptional individual destined to make magic happen in the future of the business world.

It takes more than 120 hours of intense studying and preparation to get the golden score of 700 and above. To guarantee a good score, you’ll have to take the number of preparation hours up to 200+ hours. Unfortunately, most people spend less than 50 hours preparing for the GMAT. Do you see why many candidates not only find it an onerous exam but also fail to pass it? Understand: the GMAT is a demanding exam and only adequate preparation will give you an advantage.

Be Determined to Achieve!

A mere 27% of the GMAT candidates manage the score of 650, which means that few examinees get the golden score of 700 and above. Nonetheless, your goal is to pass the exam, NO MATTER WHAT!

There is only one sure way to pass the GMAT: you must really want to. That’s it. Most people who pass this exam do so not because they are geniuses or talented, but because they worked hard and gave it their all. Some people have failed the exam five consecutive times, but still go back to their books, study, and then try again.

With an MBA, you’ll be expected to deal with much more challenges than the GMAT. The test may seem overwhelming right now, but it’s nothing compared to the hurdles you’ll be confronting in the future when running a major company. You can take the GMAT around eight times, but in a real-life business scenario, you’ll have only one chance to make a decision that determines the future of your company. There’s is a reason those with an MBA are highly respected in their industry. Once you ace this exam, you’ll understand.

Your objective of enrollment in the institution of your choice that will enable you to realize your dreams should be your compass. A well-known truth in the ‘success industry’ is that winners do the things that losers don’t want to. Ultimately, enough preparation and dedication are the qualities that will see you through the GMAT. You have to give it everything you’ve got.

If possible, during your GMAT test prep:

  • Get an adept GMAT test prep tutor to help you with your studies.
  • Take as many GMAT preparation exams as possible to help you understand the exam.
  • Don’t rest until you make it.
  • In case you fail the exam, remember, you must pass it if you want to be the business guru you intended.

If you are still preparing for it, you now know what to expect and you are in a good position to do whatever it takes to pass.

Limits only exist in your head. Good luck!

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