Has Your Debit Card Expired? Here’s What You Should Do

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 12th May 2023

Are you enjoying your debit card to the fullest, but somewhere at the back of your mind, there’s this niggling feeling that the expiration date is near? 

This post will allay your fears and let you know what to do when that happens.

Why Do Debit Cards Have an Expiration Date?

One of the primary reasons your debit card has an expiry date and needs renewal is to prevent fraud. With the expired card, you get to prove ownership of your debit card when seeking a new one.

Following technological advancements, debit cards and their features also need to be updated frequently, and this renewal period helps the financial institution to provide you with a more updated and secure card.

How Long Does a Debit Card have before it Expires?

Debit cards often last for between 2 and 5 years after they have been issued to you. They come with an expiry date on them, which is usually the month and year. Note that the card will be functional until the last day of the said month. 

Will Online Banking Work When Debit Card Expires?

You can still handle all your online banking activities after your card expires, provided all transactions don’t need to be connected to your card, added experts from Suits Me, an alternative banking solution offering an e-account with a mobile app and a contactless Mastercard debit card. 

Can You Use a Debit Card Once It’s Expired?

Once the expiry date reaches, you cannot use the card for anything, whether online or ATM transactions. Even automated payments connected to your cards will be suspended until you update your card and information.

How will I Get a New Card When My Debit Card Expires?

Usually, your bank or financial institution will send you a new card via mail a few weeks before the expiration of your current card. However, if your debit card expires before you receive the new one, call or visit your bank and request a new one.

Will the New Debit Card Number Be Different from the Old One?

The 16-digit number on your debit card will be the same as on your new card, but your Card Verification Value number (CCV) will change.

However, if your card got lost or stolen, inform your bank and you will be given a card with a different 16-digit number for safety purposes.

Will My New Debit Card Pin Stay the Same?

Yes. Your new pin stays the same unless you want to change your pin for any reason, including a lost card, identity theft, or a personal decision.


Once your card enters its expiry month, be mindful of it, to avoid finding yourself stranded with an expired card. Watch out for a new card in the mail as many banks will mail new debit cards weeks or months before the old one expires.

If you misplace your card or it gets stolen, report to your bank immediately to ensure that your funds are secure, and the card is disabled.

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