Here’s why you should be doing SEO in 2021 and beyond

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 9th May 2021

It is probable that you’ve had a run-in with the acronym SEO a couple of times but never quite grasped its weight and significance So, what is SEO?. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multifaceted digital marketing tool proven vital in the modern business world. Every time we go online to find a product or service, search engine optimization facilitates websites related to the researched keywords. In simpler terms, SEO connects consumers to the best available product or service provider they’re on the lookout for. Essentially, if you are running a business, optimizing your site is a game-changing marketing strategy you would want to embrace. Here is why. 

  1. Brand building

Branding, however, a traditional marketing approach, shares similar factors with SEO. To effectively build your brand, you’ll have to draw a definitive bridge between the service or product you offer and what the consumer reports about it. In other words, the content you create as a brand will have to correlate with the consumer’s wants and needs. What site optimization does is leverage you with a space to earn links and develop content and keywords in line with your brand. SEO lets you build an online presence that ideally reflects on your brand while establishing an online familiarity with your audience through selected keywords.

  1. Boost traffic

The initial goal of search engine optimization is to improve your site’s exposure, consequently rocketing your rankings- conversely, SEO creates a buzz of traffic to your website. Statistics draws about 62% of consumers that rely on search engines to locate a product or service they need, whereas 48% of the consumer population get their product and service information from websites. SEO breeds a higher ranking earning your website more traffic that translates into leads and, potentially, customers.

  1. Assured credibility and authority

The internet has revolutionized the sales game. With a wealth of information at their disposal only a few clicks away, consumers are leaning more into digital sales and transactions. Naturally, any business would want to be a part of this novice approach at sales regardless of its nature. When search engine optimization is creatively paired with content marketing, you’re looking at an informative, trusted and valuable image for your brand. SEO locks in solid credibility with your consumers, presenting an opportunity to cement your online presence and find solid relationships with your audience. 

  1. Wide reach

Essentially, what SEO agencies do is put your brand name out there, enhancing your site’s visibility and rankings. Ultimately, the goal with search optimization is to inform both consumers on the market and any other web users of your offering’s products and services. Unlike other forms of marketing, SEO isn’t limited to a specific group of people- search optimization opens you up to an endless pool of web users with each click. Relatively, the higher your rankings, the better your visibility and reach.

  1. Better user experience

Surveys tie customers’ experience to sales; a hitch-free visit to your site eases consumers into buying with you. Statistically, almost 50% of web users exit a website if it takes over two seconds to load. With SEO designed to earn you more traffic, the end goal is to provide consumers with a worthwhile experience. Search engines like Google measure up their algorithm updates based on the relevancy of your content, user-friendliness and speed. SEO helps you provide the best possible results to any web user on the hunt for your services; with better speed and interface on your site, you run a lower risk of bounce rate and low conversions.

  1. Affordable

SEO, however, digitized as a marketing tool, is relatively inexpensive. One of the advantages of search optimizations brags about its affordability, unlike most traditional advertising campaigns. Utilizing SEO for brand marketing does not require you to act for ad space which means, your listings are not limited to a duration; thus, it will keep running on PPC (pay per clicks). On the flip side, having your SEO listing appear in organic search results with ads won’t cost you a dime- this is a steal for a deal.

Search engine optimization isn’t mandatory, although it may prove beneficial for your business operation. Ideally, incorporating SEO into your brand not only seeks to serve you but your audience as well, drawing you closer to consumers. Achieving business goals only gets easier when you have reliable search optimization. Consumers are on the lookout for credible brands to buy for, and you are offering to provide exceptional products and service to a ready market- SEO is the bridging gap. Investing in SEO is an effective game-changing hack that can potentially translate into impressive sales and loyal customers; it’s a win for everyone. 

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