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by Josh Biggs in Software on 11th October 2021

Here’s a Highly Secure KYC Solution for Your Travel Agency

Do you run a travel agency and want to run your online travel booking business smoothly? With the IDnow identity verification program, you can provide contactless, fast and secure airlines or hotel booking services even during the pandemic.

The IDnow identity verification program is designed and supported for more than 195 countries and 30+ languages. Make your customers happy by streamlining booking and check-in processes, quick scans, precise data readouts and country-specific registration forms in one place.

After all, your customers’ safety, data protection and convenience is the key to your business success and development.

KYC Customer Onboarding Process

A KYC customer onboarding process involves the following steps.

  • Getting the customer registered on the booking platform.
  • Collecting government identity documents to verify their true identity.
  • Undergoing AML or cybercrime background checks.
  • Constant monitoring on user activity related to frauds or cybercrimes.

In the COVID-19 era, your business needs to ensure whether travellers are vaccinated or are tested negative for the COVID-19 test to make the journey convenient and hygienic for healthy travellers.

The IDnow identity verification program offers contactless, AI-powered capturing of travel documents, the latest COVID-19 reports and proofs of vaccination.

Convenient Booking and Check-in Processes

IDnow AutoIdent helps you capture identity information from ID documents to ease the booking and check-in processes. This program can help you reduce costly damages such as denied boarding passes due to incorrect information on the ID or expired documents.

With an easier check-in process on mobile, your travellers do not have to wait in queues to get their boarding verified to travel. It will not only increase customer satisfaction but also reduce organisational costs for your business.

Prevent Frauds and Scams

With the IDnow identity verification solution, you and your true customers can be safeguarded from frauds and crimes. You can verify get the true identity of your customers which will save cost.

Let your customer have a worry-free and peaceful journey without getting their data breached.

A Seamless Experience For Your Customers

Your customers get a smoother travelling experience because they can manage their bookings and check-ins via mobile.

They do not have to worry about showstoppers who ruin the travelling experience.

Beneficial For Your Travel Business

With IDnow AutoIdent, you can reduce your costs and boost profits and conversion rates by offering a seamless secure travelling experience to your customers. It will be smoother for you to do business even during the pandemic by meeting all the COVID-19 travel regulations.

Bottom Line

With the IDnow identity verification program, your travel agency can become successful and increase traction irrespective of your segments such as aviation, hospitality, cruise, car rentals or other travel businesses. IDnow serves all your KYC identification needs for travel in one place.

Get an automated, AI-powered and AML compliant identity verification for your travellers from anywhere and at any time.

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