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Hiring an IT company to do your marketing

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 9th February 2019

The internet has become the main medium through which we conduct most of our commerce and trade. The people who know the most about it, meaning IT companies, are the best equipped to help your business navigate through it and utilize it to its maximum potential. The appearance of viral marketing, growth hacking, and SEO (search engine optimization) has only made this apparent, so here are ways an IT company will help you more than a traditional marketing firm when marketing on the web:

Becoming more visible

When your business is online, you get the most visitors organically through search engines and social media. It is said that the number of organic visitors is the biggest predictor of online success. Software companies are masters in helping you make better use of those technologies.

They can adapt your website’s content and code to the stringent requirements set by search engines, and they’ll devise a long term strategy you can follow to get higher rankings.

Social media is tricky, and people generally aren’t open to overt marketing campaigns. An internet company understands the online culture better, and they can help you come up with content that’s more attractive and sharable to people using those platforms.

Cheaper and more effective marketing

Traditional ads in newspapers and tv stations are expensive, imprecise, but most of all, they’re quite ineffective nowadays. It’s hard to target a specific niche, estimate how successful your marketing campaign was, or determine what you can do better next time. Online marketing is completely transparent – you can display your ads the way you want on the sites you want. How precise and effective internet marketing is and how profitable it has become is directly threatening the of newspapers and TV channels.

Useful business insights

The old proverb “knowledge is power” has been updated to the information age, and now, it is “data is knowledge”. You can be sure you’ll get a lot of data and knowledge using an IT company specializing in business intelligence solutions for marketing. With online marketing, you will get a lot of data from how many people see your ads, how many people actually click it, how long they stay to read your page, how many of them make a purchase, how old are they, and how is the gender distribution among the people who buy your products. These are only a few of the stats you can collect when you opt for online marketing.

In fact, you don’t even need an IT company to help you collect the data, but the amount of data is so overwhelming you need help from an IT company like this IT support firm to make sense out of the data. They’ll be able to tell you how effective are your ads, which gender they appeal to, and what demographics are interested in your product. Using this data, you can create a more robust and meaningful long term plan for your company where you can appeal to new niches and keep your business on a continuous path of growth.

A Bigger Market

The Internet is the biggest market in the history of mankind, and your business needs to capitalize on it if it wants to survive long term. The benefits of such a big market are numerous, especially if your business is selling services and virtual goods. You can appeal and attract customers from all across the world.

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