How a leading SEO Company operates

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 23rd November 2021

Founded close to two decades ago, Inter-Dev is a leading SEO company and one of the longest-standing and most well-established SEO agencies globally. They have promoted more than 1 million keywords for over 500 companies and boast an impressive client retention rate of 95%. They started doing SEO back when few people knew that such a term existed. 

Before we take a look at how they do their thing, let’s remind ourselves why SEO matters. 

The success of a brick-and-mortar store is affected by its location. If your store is located on a busy street, holding all other factors constant, you will make a lot of sales. And if you’re located on a street with low foot traffic, your sales will be low. 

The same logic applies to the internet. The higher your company is ranked online, the more the traffic to your site. As a result, you’ll get more leads and end up selling more of your product or service if you rank highly. 

At the moment, almost everyone knows the value of SEO, which means that most companies have an SEO strategy in place. Consequently, it’s difficult to get and maintain that first-page ranking. It’s even more difficult to be ranked first on the first page for queries that are relevant to your business. 

So, how has Inter-Dev managed to consistently provide satisfactory results and keep 95% of their customers? 

Two Decades’ Worth of Tactics

A survey of Inter-Dev’s case studies reveals that they use an extensive array of tools and strategies to deliver winning results. They use conventional tactics like topic clusters and improved user experience across client sites. 

However, they have an additional trove of tactics, collected and perfected over the last two decades, which puts them far above competing agencies. 

Such tactics include directory sign-ups, SlideShare content creation and distribution, bookmark entries, Q&A entries on Q&A sites, and YouTube channel optimization. While these tactics may not exactly constitute a revolutionary paradigm shift, it can be tricky to implement them and get tangible results. 

Mastering the use of such tactics can only be done over a long period, which is why not every SEO company can use them successfully. 

Optimizing Ad Campaigns to Help Companies Spend Less and Get More

Sure, to get significant results in digital marketing, you have to invest money. However, not all the money you invest will impact the results you get. Sometimes, 100% of your ROI can come from a portion of your digital marketing strategy. 

Optimizing Ad Spend is one of the trickiest areas in digital marketing. 

Failure to optimize can lead to large investments with little returns. On the other hand, optimization can result in much better results and at a lower cost. 

Inter-Dev has a track record of optimizing Ad Spend. From their case studies, they’ve been able to reduce Ad Spend for clients by as much as 22% while maintaining or improving results. 

Staying on Top of Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Search engines like Google are always improving their services. They constantly find new ways to serve more relevant and satisfactory results. For businesses, this means that you can be at the top of the first page one month and towards the bottom the next month. 

Algorithm updates are one of the reasons why SEO is a never-ending process. 

While Google always notifies the public about changes in their algorithms, it is not always clear what websites should do to adjust. Many are the times when it seems like you’re doing everything right but it still doesn’t reflect in your SERP rankings. 

Owing to their extensive experience, Inter-Dev usually manages to quickly recover from algorithm updates, as can be seen from their case studies. 

A Tough Game Needs a Battle-Hardened Player

SEO is not for the faint-hearted. The competition is usually stiff and at times, it can seem like conventional methods aren’t working. That’s why companies are better off outsourcing their SEO to experts. 

After being in the game for close to two decades, and not only surviving but also thriving, Inter-Dev is one of the best players in the field. They excel not only in conducting site audits and driving organic traffic through SEO but also in online reputation management for both individuals and companies.

If you’re going to join the race, you might as well have the best horse, right? 

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